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User:Altruis/List of Pokémon by their designers

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On my subpage you can find lists of the generations. With designers and the Pokémon they created. Most of my sources are official interviews but also some anonymous people who were always right. Nevertheless I can't be sure to 100% that there is no mistake. If you know more designers with their Pokemon, please write on the discussion page.

  • The X means that no Pokemon are known to be designed by him/her in this generation.
  • Green means that all Pokemon are known that he/she designed in this generation.
  • Red means the information is unconfirmed.

Generation 1 (incomplete)

Designer Gender I
Ken Sugimori 001.png 002.png 003.png 094.png
Atsuko Nishida 004.png 005.png 006.png 007.png 008.png 013.png 014.png 015.png 025.png 026.png 037.png 043.png 044.png 045.png 060.png 061.png 062.png 069.png 070.png 071.png 077.png 078.png 133.png 134.png 135.png 136.png 147.png 148.png
Motofumi Fujiwara X
Shigeki Morimoto 052.png 151.png

Generation 2 (incomplete)

Designer Gender II
Ken Sugimori 172.png 185.png
Atsuko Nishida 196.png 197.png
Motofumi Fujiwara X
Shigeki Morimoto 213.png
Hironobu Yoshida 202.png 206.png 251.png
Muneo Saitō 243.png 244.png 245.png
Satoshi Ohta X
Rena Yoshikawa X

Generation 3 (incomplete)

Designer Gender III
Ken Sugimori 255.png 256.png 257.png 380.png 381.png 382.png 383.png
Atsuko Nishida X
Motofumi Fujiwara X
Shigeki Morimoto X
Hironobu Yoshida 386.png
Muneo Saitō X
Satoshi Ohta X
Rena Yoshikawa X
Asuka Iwashita X
Aimi Tomita X
Takao Unno X
Kanako Eo X
Jun Okutani X

Generation 4 (incomplete)

Designer Gender IV
Ken Sugimori 447.png 448.png 479.png 483.png 484.png 490.png
Atsuko Nishida 470.png 471.png
Motofumi Fujiwara 479d.png
Hironobu Yoshida 453.png 467.png 479c.png 491.png
Satoshi Ohta X
Takao Unno 390.png 391.png 392.png 418.png 445.png
Kanako Eo X
Kenkichi Toyama X
Hiroki Fuchino 479b.png
Hiroyuki Yagi X
Emi Yoshida 440.png
Yusuke Ohmura 393.png 394.png 395.png 479e.png
Hiroyuki Gotō X
Lee HyunJung 479a.png

Generation 5 (incomplete)

Designer Gender V
Ken Sugimori 506.png 508.png 538.png 539.png 631.png 632.png 643.png 644.png
Atsuko Nishida 517.png 518.png 546.png 547.png 548.png 549.png 570.png 571.png 572.png 573.png 588.png
Motofumi Fujiwara X
Hironobu Yoshida X
Takao Unno 509.png 511.png 513.png 515.png 566.png 627.png 628.png 636.png 637.png 638.png 639.png 640.png
Kenkichi Toyama X
Hiroki Fuchino X
Yusuke Ohmura 501.png 502.png 503.png 602.png 603.png 604.png 646a.png 646b.png
Lee HyunJung 498.png 499.png 500.png 523.png 585.png
Saya Tsuruta X
Mana Ibe 494.png 507.png 554.png 555.png 587.png 592.png 593.png 610.png 612.png 618.png
Reiko Tanoue 495.png 496.png 497.png 519.png 540.png
Tomohiro Kitakaze 543.png 544.png 545.png 550.png 616.png
Maiko Fujiwara X
Megumi Mizutani X
Tomohiko Ōkubo X
James Turner 582.png 583.png 584.png 622.png 623.png 629.png 630.png
Keiko Moritsugu 579.png

Generation 6 (incomplete)

Designer Gender VI
Ken Sugimori 257m1.png 448m1.png 701.png viscogonjabswqy1dm.png 716a.png 717.png
Atsuko Nishida 006m1.png atsukouwt7ai24fl.png 700.png
Motofumi Fujiwara X
Hironobu Yoshida 656.png 657.png 658.png
Takao Unno 445m1.png unnodkl5c3ybir.png
Kanako Eo X
Kenkichi Toyama X
Hiroki Fuchino X
Yusuke Ohmura 716a.png 717.png
Lee HyunJung 669.png 670.png
Saya Tsuruta X
Mana Ibe 707.png
Reiko Tanoue X
Tomohiro Kitakaze 150m2.png
Megumi Mizutani X
James Turner 229m1.png 691.png 704.png 705.png 712.png 713.png
Yuki Kawamoto  ? X
Mayo Otani X
Hitoshi Ariga 675.png 679.png 680.png 681.png 686.png 687.png 696.png 697.png 698.png 699.png