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I ...


  • am 18 years old and my Birthday is on the 28th of April.
  • am male.
  • am from Luxembourg.
  • love besides the Pokémon series also Primeval, Fringe and Sanctuary.
  • love LickitungPolitoedCrobatMurkrowMudkipSlakothWalreinPiplupKricketotRoseradeGastrodonAmbipomGlaceonMamoswineRotom
  • and SerperiorOshawottUnfezantPalpitoadLeavannyScolipedeKrokorokCrustleGothitaSwannaGalvantulaEelektrossAxewStunfiskThundurus
The Pokémon-Anime & I

I am a very big Anime-Fan, but I am watching it since the Sinnoh Anime. I watched the Anime, when it aired first time until now. It makes me a lot fun to watch the Anime. After I had received my Diamond Version, I wanted to see more, how the Pokémon live or move. This was the time, when it really started. I began to like the japanese Episodes, when the Sinnoh League had began and then I watched every episode on "". Since Unova I am watching the Anime very active and I don´t miss any episode. This is the reason for working here at the Anime-Part.

My favourite Character is Trip; he is so fantastic and also his Pokémon. However I want to say, that I love the Best Wishes Anime and I like all of Ashs captured Pokémon there. And I hope that Iris and Cilan will join the Anime in the next Generation; this would be very great.