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Talk:Relic Passage

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English Trainer Names

I noticed that Relic Passage has a few un-localized Trainer names (code for every trainer in the northern entrance). I don't think I am an established user yet, and the page editing is locked for established users only.

Here are the localized names. (JP name is first, localization is second)

Erina (first female backpacker) = Eileen (who would have guessed?)

Mamoru (the Drilbur/Roggenrola guy) = Keith

Naoyuki (only male backpacker in the northern part of passage) = Randall

Teruo (Roggenrola/Timburr guy) = Tobias

Minoru (male psychic) = Tully

Annie (second female backpacker) keeps her JP name as her localized name.

Ena (female psychic) also keeps her JP name as her localized name.

Mysterious Ivysaur (talk) 06:18, 12 October 2012 (UTC)