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A Billion Yen and a New Journey
A Billion Yen and a New Journey
Collected in Vol. 5
Chapter number 44
Location Unknown
Manga series Pokémon RéBURST
Previous Chapter The Power of Two
Next Chapter To Karuta's Village!

A Billion Yen and a New Journey (Japanese: 10億円と新たな旅 A Billion Yen and a New Journey) is the forty-fourth chapter of the Pokémon RéBURST manga.

Major events

  • Ryouga obtains the prize money of Burst Heart Survival.
  • All of the stolen Burst Hearts are returned to their original owners.
  • Hariru and Carola leave on a journey to become stronger than Fraud.
  • Karuta joins Ryouga, Miruto, and Yappy to get medicine for his dying village in the next city.
  • Yappy is forced to drag the prize money as punishment for his previous attempt at thievery.


Pokémon debuts





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