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Battle effects

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Flamethrower's battle animation in Generation V

Battle effects (Japanese: 戦闘アニメ or せんとうアニメーションRGB battle animations, せんとうエフェクトRSE battle effects), also known as battle animations or battle scene prior to Generation VI, are graphical effects used in Pokémon battles on the core series games and specific spin-off games, such as those in the Pokémon Stadium series and Pokémon Colosseum.


The visual display of moves used by Pokémon as well as other in-battle effects such as weather and status infliction is caused by the battle effects feature. The effects require a series of sprites or models to make a moving animation, sometimes also using different backgrounds to enhance the scenery. In Pokémon Crystal, the animation of the Pokémon sprites is also considered a battle effect.

Battle effects were given a greater enhancement in Generation V. When a move is used, the camera will zoom in on the affected Pokémon. Sometimes during Double and Triple Battles, the camera will pan outward so that the entire battlefield is seen clearly.

Players have the ability to turn off battle effects as they are not necessary to progress through the game. Battles also progress faster without them. The feature can be turned ON or OFF by accessing the respective setting in the Options.


Blastoise's Hydro Pump differs in quantity from that of a Pokémon like Vaporeon in Stadium 2

In most games, the animations of every move begin at a fixed position, which leads to some inconsistencies over how some Pokémon are able to use the attacks—for instance, when a Cyndaquil uses Flamethrower, the flames appear to come out of its eyes.

In Generation III, the animations of Thunder and Thunderbolt may cause a game freeze due to a glitch. Turning off battle effects will solve this problem.


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