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Infestation (move)

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まとわりつく Follow About
Type  Bug
Category  Special
PP  20 (max. 32)
Power  20
Accuracy  100%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced  Generation VI
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Appeal  0  
Jam  0  
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Appeal  0  
Condition  Cute
Appeal  3 ♥♥♥
Jamming  0  
Temporarily stops the crowd from growing excited.

Infestation (Japanese: まとわりつく Follow About) is a damage-dealing Bug-type move introduced in Generation VI. It is TM83 as of Generation VI.


Infestation inflicts 1/8 of the target's maximum HP as damage per turn for four to five turns upon use, in addition to the damage dealt when it is used. It also traps the target, preventing switching and escape. The quote "<target> has been afflicted with an infestation by <user>!" will appear. If a trapped Pokémon uses Rapid Spin, it will be freed.

If a wild Pokémon uses Infestation on the player's Pokémon, the player may escape if the affected Pokémon has Run Away or is holding a Smoke Ball. However, these do not allow the player to switch the Pokémon out. If an affected Pokémon is holding a Shed Shell, it can switch out.

If the user of Infestation is holding a Grip Claw, the duration will always be 5 turns. If a Binding Band is held by the user, the damage done at the end of each turn will increase from 1/8 of the target's maximum HP to 1/6.


Games Description
XYORAS The target is infested and attacked for four to five turns. The target can't flee during this time.



# Pokémon Type Machine
012 Butterfree Butterfree Bug Flying
015 Beedrill Beedrill Bug Poison
023 Ekans Ekans Poison Poison
024 Arbok Arbok Poison Poison
043 Oddish Oddish Grass Poison
044 Gloom Gloom Grass Poison
045 Vileplume Vileplume Grass Poison
048 Venonat Venonat Bug Poison
049 Venomoth Venomoth Bug Poison
069 Bellsprout Bellsprout Grass Poison
070 Weepinbell Weepinbell Grass Poison
071 Victreebel Victreebel Grass Poison
072 Tentacool Tentacool Water Poison
073 Tentacruel Tentacruel Water Poison
088 Grimer Grimer Poison Poison
089 Muk Muk Poison Poison
092 Gastly Gastly Ghost Poison
093 Haunter Haunter Ghost Poison
094 Gengar Gengar Ghost Poison
102 Exeggcute Exeggcute Grass Psychic
103 Exeggutor Exeggutor Grass Psychic
109 Koffing Koffing Poison Poison
110 Weezing Weezing Poison Poison
114 Tangela Tangela Grass Grass
122 Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Psychic Fairy
151 Mew Mew Psychic Psychic
165 Ledyba Ledyba Bug Flying
166 Ledian Ledian Bug Flying
167 Spinarak Spinarak Bug Poison
168 Ariados Ariados Bug Poison
182 Bellossom Bellossom Grass Grass
187 Hoppip Hoppip Grass Flying
188 Skiploom Skiploom Grass Flying
189 Jumpluff Jumpluff Grass Flying
194 Wooper Wooper Water Ground
195 Quagsire Quagsire Water Ground
213 Shuckle Shuckle Bug Rock
218 Slugma Slugma Fire Fire
219 Magcargo Magcargo Fire Rock
267 Beautifly Beautifly Bug Flying
269 Dustox Dustox Bug Poison
283 Surskit Surskit Bug Water
284 Masquerain Masquerain Bug Flying
316 Gulpin Gulpin Poison Poison
317 Swalot Swalot Poison Poison
336 Seviper Seviper Poison Poison
345 Lileep Lileep Rock Grass
346 Cradily Cradily Rock Grass
354 Banette Banette Ghost Ghost
355 Duskull Duskull Ghost Ghost
356 Dusclops Dusclops Ghost Ghost
367 Huntail Huntail Water Water
368 Gorebyss Gorebyss Water Water
402 Kricketune Kricketune Bug Bug
413 Wormadam Wormadam Bug Grass
414 Mothim Mothim Bug Flying
416 Vespiquen Vespiquen Bug Flying
422 Shellos Shellos Water Water
423 Gastrodon Gastrodon Water Ground
439 Mime Jr. Mime Jr. Psychic Fairy
442 Spiritomb Spiritomb Ghost Dark
451 Skorupi Skorupi Poison Bug
452 Drapion Drapion Poison Dark
455 Carnivine Carnivine Grass Grass
465 Tangrowth Tangrowth Grass Grass
477 Dusknoir Dusknoir Ghost Ghost
535 Tympole Tympole Water Water
536 Palpitoad Palpitoad Water Ground
537 Seismitoad Seismitoad Water Ground
543 Venipede Venipede Bug Poison
544 Whirlipede Whirlipede Bug Poison
545 Scolipede Scolipede Bug Poison
562 Yamask Yamask Ghost Ghost
563 Cofagrigus Cofagrigus Ghost Ghost
568 Trubbish Trubbish Poison Poison
569 Garbodor Garbodor Poison Poison
577 Solosis Solosis Psychic Psychic
578 Duosion Duosion Psychic Psychic
579 Reuniclus Reuniclus Psychic Psychic
588 Karrablast Karrablast Bug Bug
589 Escavalier Escavalier Bug Steel
595 Joltik Joltik Bug Electric
596 Galvantula Galvantula Bug Electric
616 Shelmet Shelmet Bug Bug
617 Accelgor Accelgor Bug Bug
618 Stunfisk Stunfisk Ground Electric
649 Genesect Genesect Bug Steel
666 Vivillon Vivillon Bug Flying
675 Pangoro Pangoro Fighting Dark
688 Binacle Binacle Rock Water
689 Barbaracle Barbaracle Rock Water
704 Goomy Goomy Dragon Dragon
705 Sliggoo Sliggoo Dragon Dragon
706 Goodra Goodra Dragon Dragon
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Harcèlement
Germany Flag.png German Plage
Italy Flag.png Italian Assillo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 엉겨붙기 Eonggyeobutgi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Acoso

Generation VI TMs
767778798081828384858687888990919293 • 94 (XYORAS) • 959697
Generation VI HMs

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