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Babyporter (TCG)

Your article is much appreciated. NO ONE except myself has recently written an article on a Deck archetype (TTEchidna wrote one awhile back), so it was really good to see this article. If you don't mind, I've added you as a member of Project Decks, and I hope you'll write more articles in the future. Now, about Babyporter...check out Barrier Swap or Infercatty if you want an idea of how the finished product should look. However, some other decks aren't quite perfect, either, such as Metanite. I am the self-proclaimed main writer about TCG-related stuff, except the cards themselves, and I think you would be wise to follow this format for your articles: User:Politoed666/Decks Template. If you're busy, just e-mail me a typical decklist for this archetype and I'll take care of the rest. My e-mail is: [email protected] If you have any questions, contact me. -Politoed666


..if you're ever going to write another article again. The first one was quite good and it would be awesome to have some support for Project Decks around here. -Politoed666