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Hi, thanks for contributing to Bulbapedia! I must ask you, though, in the most non-confrontational way possible, to please use the Link templates we have. Yes, many of the regular Pokémon name articles do auto-redirect to the page on the species, but something like Beautifly will not, as May has one. If you must have a Pokémon that is referred to as its species, use the {{p|}} format. For example, {{p|Pikachu}} leads to the article on Pikachu as a species, Pikachu, while on the other hand, just wikilinking Pikachu with the brackets leads to a disambiguation page on all Pikachu that have appeared so far in Pokémon media, including Ash's Pikachu.

These link templates also work for many other things, including types using the {{t|}} and {{type|}} templates, used on the Water-type as {{t|Water}} and {{type|Water}} to link Water and Water-type respectively. There are also similar ones for Abilities, Moves, and many more, which you'll find in that category link. A major example lies here, where it references both a type and a move.

And make sure that you keep information separate. I know that Hakutai City doesn't have much on it yet, but if people are reading up on the city they don't necessarily want to know about the Gym Leader's Pokémon.

Yeah. Not to yell at you or anything. You're quite helpful, it's just that we need things to follow standards, y'know? Tom Temprotran 22:09, 10 February 2007 (UTC)