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When making new pages, make that they're categorized, and make sure that you spell things right. Pokémon is ALWAYS capitalized, and the accented é is not optional. --TTEchidna 02:22, 29 June 2007 (UTC)

Categories are put in place by typing (usually at the bottom of the page) [[Category:{category name}]]. Sometimes, they may be autoincluded due to a template, but unless you know for sure, don't leave it up to chance.
If you want to link to a template instead, however, put a colon before the word "Category"; [[:Category:Link templates]] leads to Category:Link templates as a link, instead of categorizing this page as one of them.
As for exactly how pages should be categorized, well, look at similar things. Spheres and Poké Coupons are both used as currency, therefore, they both have been categorized under Currency. So your best bet would be to look at similar pages to see how they're categorized. And don't forget to sign your name with the four tildes (~~~~) on talk pages. --TTEchidna 18:51, 5 July 2007 (UTC)