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Hi and welcome to Bulbapedia! I hope you will have a great time making much needed edits and articles. Please read the Manual of Style. I'm sure you will make a great Bulbapedian! A few tips: *clears throat*

  • You may want to create a signature
  • On talk pages, always sign off with ~~~~
  • You may want to join a project
  • Vandalism is never the answer
  • Sockpuppeting is against the rules
  • You may want to create a userpage, so fellow Bulbapedians can get to know more about you
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Get on the Good side of admins!

If you do break the rules, administrators can and will ban you. Don't think you can get away with everything. You are welcome here but if you break the rules (espescially if you vandalise Bulbapedia) you will soon be made un-welcome.TheEspeonMaster-- 19:43, 13 December 2007 (UTC)


Yet another Kirlia has arrived on the scene, I see. Tina δ 02:09, 17 December 2007 (UTC)


Don't copy the tag's code and paste that onto your user page. Instead, enter {{User <tag name>}}, where <tag name> is the rest of the template's name. For example, you'd put in {{User Lost Game}} and {{User Dog|456}} to get the tags you wanted.

Of course, why you'd want Finneon on a tag that says you have a dog strikes me as weird...--Shiningpikablu252 04:32, 17 December 2007 (UTC)