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About Me

Brief History

I first got into Pokémon with the TCG. Then I started watching the anime, and then I finally got a Game Boy so I could play the games. My first game was Silver Version and to this day it remains my favorite. That's why I cannot wait for the GS remakes. I stopped liking Pokémon with the release of Generation III. It just got to dull and boring for me to keep an interest in. Then Gen IV came out and got me back into them. I first came to the Bulbapedia after Wikipedia started getting all anal about the Pokémon articles and scaled them all down. I love this site and have much admiration for some of the users. But in all honesty I think a majority of the higher ranking users are self-righteous pricks. Rather than politely asking other user to cease and desist what they are doing wrong, they instead choose to yell and threaten users with being blocked. Some of the policies are flat out rediculous. I have noticed the some of the higher ranking users blocking off articles not for fear of vandalism but instead so they can control and essentualy claim ownership of articles and edit them as only they see fit. If a new user edits their user page too often, they harass the new user instead of asking them to please stop for a while. I honestly don't see the harm. Don't get me wrong, some of the higher ranking users are actually quite nice but most are flat out rude.


I hope to help all that I can. I love Pokémon and hope to see this site continuesly grow.

Me And The Games

To view my Party Pokémon click here.

I always name the player character after my real name. I always keep my starter Pokémon in my party at all times. I usually start with the Fire-type. I always have Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, and Flying-types in my party and leave the sixth slot open for a Pokémon with a random type. I never use Legendary or Psuedo-Legendary Pokémon in my party, I kind of think their too powerful and it throws off the curve and makes the game too easy. I will not cheat to get a hacked Pokémon but I have no problem trading for a hacked Pokémon as technicaly that's not me cheating. The only spin-off I ever liked was Pokémon Snap and I hope for a sequel. I like to catch my Party Pokémon in a standard Poké Ball, I don't know why, I just do. I like to have at least one Pokémon from each Generation in my Party. But as soon as Generation VII comes around that will impossible.

Me And The Anime

I originaly started watching the anime after I got into the card game. It was an attept to learn more about the franchise and I was not dissapointed. The first episode I saw was Pokémon Shipwreck. After that I began to watch every episode I could watch. Though I missed alot of them I still was able to follow along without much of a problem. Then the first movie came out. I loved it. My parents though, not so much. After a while though I got some bad news, Pokémon was moving to the Cartoon Network. I had only standard cable at the time and I was no longer able to watch it. But my friends would keep me informed and would record it for me. As the years passed my interest slowly began to go down though. Every episode I saw seemed to mirror earlier episodes. Ash would go to a gym, lose, learn a lesson, go back, and then win, all the time. I missed all the Advanced Generation episodes at first but then I saw a few during re-runs. When my interest was renewed with the release of the Gen. IV games I began to watch the Diamond and Pearl series. I fell in love all over again and continue to watch every new episode.

My favorite movie is The Power of One. My least favorite is Jirachi: Wish Maker. I want Misty to come back but who doesn't. I will continue to watch it until the day it goes off the air.


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