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Higher priority

  • Add the Japanese Blue to the availability template.
  • Expand the Anime sections by adding any missing episodes, movies, specials, opening themes, ending themes, Who's that Pokemon?, Professor Oak's lectures, by checking if episodes link to the Pokemon with Special:WhatLinksHere.
  • Add TCG coins to the Theme Deck pages
  • Add e-Reader Pokedex entries
  • Get Battrio added to the Movegen template


Pokémon pages

  • Expand the Habitat, Diet, and Game Locations sections
  • Expand Gender Differences sections for Volbeat, Illumise, Wormadam and Mothim (to be consistant with the Lati's and Nido's)
  • Look for trivia that could be merged into the other sections
  • Organize the trivia sections better


  • Expand the e-Reader pages
  • Add Colosseum/XD sprites, to the relevant party templates, specifically ones relating to Colosseum & XD


  • Expand the Anime sections (see above).


  • Add stuff to the TCG sections, to make them look less bare (like Pikachu's TCG section)
  • Add the Category:Holographic cards to pages that should have them, but do not


  • Get pages and templates approved, moved and added, see here for a list.


Animated PNGs

  • Upload animated images of Moves and Abilities that require multiple images for the anime move box.



  • Upload images of TCG coins
  • Upload move images from Battrio