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Info about my Pokémon games. Incomplete.

Main series

LeafGreen- My first Pokémon game. 8 badges, League unbeaten. Starter: Charmander. I plan on finishing this game someday.
Diamond- First game I finished. 8 badges, League beaten. Starter: Piplup. I plan on wiping my file and starting over with Chimchar.
Emerald- Game with least progress on it. 2 badges, League unbeaten. Starter: Torchic. I'm focusing on Emerald right now.
Platinum- Reliever for Pokémon lost in Diamond. 8 badges, League beaten. Starter: Piplup. I barely play this anymore.
Silver- Given up on it. 2 badges, League unbeaten, Red unbeaten. Starter: Cyndaquil. I plan on playing it just for fun.
SoulSilver- Newest game. 16 badges, League beaten, Red beaten. Starter: Cyndaquil. Next stop-Suicune!

Stadium games

Battle Revolution- First Stadium game. 1 colosseum beaten, linked to SoulSilver. I really need to work on this (it's my second file, purged the first).
XD: Gale of Darkness- First GC Pokémon game. No file, since my GC memory card corrupted. Disk is damaged, and I plan on replacing it.
Colosseum- Third GC Pokémon game. Current objective: Infiltrate the Under. Kinda bored with it.

PMD games

Blue Rescue Team- First PMD game. Game finished. Still working on recruting all 386 Pokémon.
Explorers of Time- Second PMD game. On Chapter 11. Planning to purge file and start with Piplup and Chimchar anime-style.
Explorers of Sky- Thind PMD game. Game finished. Working on Aegis Cave.

Side games

Channel- First side game. Game finished. Working on Nice Card collection.
Ranger- First Ranger game. No file. Purged original file.
Ranger SoA- Second Ranger game. I forgot my progress.