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Well, in the past, I've had a few ideas of what future games would look like. Not all of them have been crashed, yet. They are all below.

Pokemon Ideas

Fluftooth and Fortung

The evolutionary line's idea started with our neighbor's two pet dogs. The older one doesn't like the younger one, and the younger one often goes into a rage when the older one doesn't want to play. Fluftooth (Japanese - Mirofisshu), Water-type, represents when the dog is calm, and the often raging Fortung (Japanese - Kynfortung), Water/Dark-type, represents when the dog is in a rage. Fluftooth is basically just a green blob with a face, and teeth. And fins. Its main moves are Bite, Take Down, Water Gun, and Rollout. Fortung most obviously has four tongues. The only thing to calm it down is rain. Rain will activate its ability Rain Defense, which has a higher defense, but lower attack. Fortung's main moves are Crunch, Rollout, Slash, Hydro Pump, and Giga Impact.

Evoltora and Flamogon

Evoltora (Japanese - Eborutora) is the version legendary of Pokémon Topaz, and Flamogon (Japanese - Furamogonu) is the version legendary of Pokémon Garnet. In Legendaria City, the Legend Festival takes place every 25 years in honor of Evoltora and Flamogon recharging at Mt. Voltage and Mt. Wildfire respectively. After getting the 7th badge, a MORE COMING SOON sign appears!!!

The Carvoh Region

The Carvoh Region (Japanese - Cābo-chihō) is the region in which the 6th Generation games, Topaz and Garnet, will take place. Its route numbering system starts at 101 and goes through 124. It is an archipelago supposedly near Sinnoh. The islands are Belt Island, Spiker Island, Harbor Island, Snow Island, and the main land. The levels throughout the game are very low, and even the champion's strongest Pokémon is level 48. Here some of the cities.

Cloucoast City

Cloucoast City (Japanese - Kumori City) is the Carvoh version of Goldenrod City or Castelia City. It is a big city, with one dock similar to Castelia's many docks. Only it doesn't have boats. It is actually part of Route 107, which goes out west to the rest of the islands. Notable places are:

Cloucoast City Gym

Despite being the 4th city with a gym, the gym can't be accessed until after you beat the 5th gym. The gym specializes in the Steel-type. The leader, Stephanie (Japanese - Mika), has a Klink Level 26, Skarmory Level 26, ??? Level 26, and ??? Level 28.

More Coming Soon!

Legendaria City

Legendaria City (Japanese - 伝説市 Densetsu City) is the city which holds the secret to the version legendaries of Topaz and Garnet - Evoltora and Flamogon.