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Hey, I'm Totodile_7. I've been trying to make a Team for my Diamond for ages, but the only Pokemon who is on it for sure is Feraligatr.( And I'm still EV training him)



  • Bring my Biology grade up to an so I can bring my pet turtles to school.
  • EV train a Feraligatr
  • Finish Pokemon Platinum (It got erased while I was playing it in french class)
  • Give away several Jhoto starters in celebration of GSDS :D (Contact me if you want one )
  • Create a good Pokemon TCG deck after finding my Delta Species Feraligatr
  • Learn how to use bulbapedia so I can create tables and stuff

(Ideas) Coming soon

How i got hooked

Iv got no clue what age i was since i started liking Pokemon. I do remember watching it on saturday mornings only once a week. Back then i never had anything to do. I would just wander around the house from sunday to friday wishing I could watch it everyday. Then after two years of watching it only on saturdays some kid told me that they showed it every day. i was overjoyed! I still remember turning on the TV that day, messing with the antenna and seeing Jigglypuff putting Ash Misty and Brock to sleep. i would watch it everyday after school and I've been addicted since. Then came the Gameboy. Gameboy advance part of my life coming soon :D

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