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Hi. I'm Nick, and I live in Wilmington, NC. Area of Expertise is Johto and Sinnoh information.


194.png This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
Spr 4d 076 s.png ShinyIIStars.png This user has a Shiny Golem. ShinyIIStars.png
258Mudkip.png This user lieks Mudkipz.
479.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Rotom.
243.png This user's favorite legendary Pokémon is Raikou.
249Shadow.png This user likes Shadow Lugia.
Spr 3e 302.png This user tends to be invisible.
197.png This user prefers the nighttime.
351H.png This user likes it when it snows.
Pokédex BW art.png This user strives to complete the Pokédex.