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Hi, my name is TheBestOfAllTime or Thegameandwatch which is my user name in Smash Wiki and Fire Emblem Wiki, also I fix mistakes in this Website but mostly in Smash Wiki. I started playing Pokémon either in late 2014 or early 2015 when I bought Pokémon X and Y but I didn't go past the 1st Gym because of that Stupid Furfrou puzzle or Side Quest and because I was an idiot for forgetting to go on youtube to know how to do it and because of that the first Pokémon game I finished was Omega Ruby and not Pokemon X. The year that I finally finished Pokémon X and Y were in 2016 and it was easy because ORAS was harder I played it until Sun and Moon came out. I played Pokémon Sun and Moon when they came out and they were better than X and Y because number one no HM's and Number 2 they are much harder. I played it until Ultra Sun came out which was almost the same except it was harder. after I was done playing Ultra Sun I stopped playing Pokémon consistently until 2019. I started playing Pokémon again when I bought both White and Black 2 and the latter game is my favourite Pokémon game because of its fun and harder than any Pokémon game starting from X and Y.

Mythcal Pokémon

2016 was the year where I got my first and most of the mythical Pokémon because of the 20th-anniversary giveaway except for Celebi which was hacked when I got it in the GTS and Genesect which I later got by doing the DNS exploit in Black 2 to Get a Legitimate Genesect for competitive Sword and Shield when the DLC comes out and I did this without hacking the game. I never got Marshadow because the place where I am from doesn't have any Pokémon serial code events, the GTS stopped letting you trade real or cloned Mythical Pokémon and most people don't want to trade their Mythical Pokémon.


  • My favorite Pokémon Game was Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.
    • My Favourite Box art legendary is Kyurem (all forms) because Normal and Black were at one point not banned from OU.
  • My favorite water type is Azumarill because it's good in competitive and in a playthrough. My favorite Galar form is Slowbro and for Alola it's Raichu.
  • Venusaur is my favorite starter because it's my favorite grass type Pokémon and I use it every time I play in Kanto or X and Y.
  • My favorite types are Fairy, Steel, Dragon, Water, and Grass.
  • I don't hate Sword and Shield.
  • My Favourite Mythical Pokemon are Genesect, Jirachi (First event pokemon), Melmetal, Hoopa (first not 2016 event pokemon),Victini, and Deoxys
  • I dislike Zacian because too op when I play online because I don't play VGC.
  • My Favorite Legendary theme is Ultra Necrozma theme who isn't in sword and shield because there is no Z moves