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そのガイコードと That Guy With The Codes
Gender Male
Hometown Toronto
Region Canada
Relatives Zesty Cactus (sister)

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Just don't even bother reading any of this. Usually edits are just stub edits or something else useless. Ask anything about the e-reader, and I think i'll be able to know about it.

My Team

Pokémon Blue Version

Spr 4d 008.png Spr 4d 074.png Spr 4d 015.png Spr 4d 020 m.png Spr 4d 022.png Spr 4d 025 m.png
Wartortle Geodude Beedrill Raticate Fearow Pikachu

Pokémon Crystal Version

Spr 4d 081.png Spr 4d 058.png Spr 4d 074.png Spr 4d 017.png Spr 4d 159.png Spr 4d 020 m.png
Magnemite Growlithe Geodude Pidgeotto Croconaw Raticate