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Hi, I am Tharthandorf Aquanashi (it's an alias, all right!) And I am a big fan of POKeMON. My favorite POKeMON is Togetic, and it has been ever since POKeMON Gold came out (Well, even though I did have gold at the time, the truth is.. When I played through my new Ruby version in '03, I played as a girl, 'though I am a boy', named her "MAY " Yes, I accidentaly made a space... Anyway, I played through my adventure, beat it, and left the game alown for some time until I got FireRed, now, Once I beat FireRed, and I got all the islands, I desided to take the egg I got from the Mr. POKeMON look-alike, and send it to my ruby version... I raised it, evolved it, and taught it FIREBLAST... A year later, I got Emerald, now after I had beaten that game, I decided to transfer Togetic over... Not to long after, I forgot about "MAY " and deleted her save file, 'but since Dachi, what I named Brendan in Emerald, still existed, I still had my Togetic. Well, as you can imagine, I got POKeMON Pearl when it came out. And yes, I transfered Togetic over.. Well, Togetic, and a copy, 'ya know, the emerald clone glitch' And I still have my togetic today!)

P.S. Tharthan, and my emerald charecter's name, "Dachi", are both names of my charecters I created in 2005, and still draw them today (Dachi M. Yamanashi, Tharthandorf B. Aquanashi)