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Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Iris Swinging.png Iris Eileen Stevens Eileen Stevens Right on the money!
Cilan anime.png Cilan Marc Diraison Jason Griffith Oh..Sonic then.
Trip anime.png Trip Bring in another actor Jamie McGonnigal Ahh, upgraded to 1st rival.
Dan.png Dan Bella Hudson Eli James Brought in somebody new...
Don George BW anime art.png Don George John Campbell Marc Thompson Wrong.
Chili anime.png Chili Bring in another actor Lucien Dodge Correct!!
Cress anime.png Cress Bring in another actor Tom Wayland Wrong.
Fennel anime.png Fennel Emily Jenness Therese Plummer Oh...
Pierce.png Pierce J. Michael Tatum Dan Green Hooray, it's DAN GREEN.
Daniela.png Daniela Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Correct!!
Karena.png Karena Bring in another actor Rachel Butera Yes!! Correct.
Avery.png Avery Bring in another actor N/A
Bianca anime.png Bianca Zoe Martin Bella Hudson Other favorite actor, Bella!! Too bad I was wrong though.
Lenora anime.png Lenora Bring in another actor N/A
Hawes anime.png Hawes Bring in another actor N/A
Dr Zager.png Professor Seger Bring in another actor N/A
Burgh anime.png Burgh John Campbell N/A
Burgundy.png Cabernet Emily Williams N/A
Sally.png Sallie Bella Hudson N/A
Captain BW021.png Captain (Unova) John Campbell N/A
Mayor of Castelia City.png Mayor of Castelia City Dan Green N/A
Emmy.png Amy Emily Jenness N/A
Stephan.png Kenyan Bring a in a new actor N/A