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Other people have done this, so I'm going to do it too

Pokémon Green Red/Blue Yellow Gen 1 Backsprite Gold Silver Crystal Comments
Bulbasaur Spr 1g 001.png Spr 1b 001.png Spr 1y 001.png Spr b g1 001.png Spr 2g 001.png Spr 2s 001.png Spr 2c 001.png RBG look really wierd, and the backsprite looks depressed... Good from Yellow onwards though
Ivysaur Spr 1g 002.png Spr 1b 002.png Spr 1y 002.png Spr b g1 002.png Spr 2g 002.png Spr 2s 002.png Spr 2c 002.png Green looks really pissed off for some reason, Red and Blue is somehow standing up. The backsprite is still looking a little down. Again, good from Yellow onwards.
Venusaur Spr 1g 003.png Spr 1b 003.png Spr 1y 003.png Spr b g1 003.png Spr 2g 003.png Spr 2s 003.png Spr 2c 003.png Green's plant is crushing it, while for the backsprite, you get a salad to look at. Red/Blue is actually pretty good compared to others, and it's very good from Yellow onwards.
Charmander Spr 1g 004.png Spr 1b 004.png Spr 1y 004.png Spr b g1 004.png Spr 2g 004.png Spr 2s 004.png Spr 2c 004.png RBG are nightmare fuel, and the backsprite looks like it is a terribly made plush toy or something. Gold and Crystal look too goofy for my liking, but Yellow and Silver are good.
Charmeleon Spr 1g 005.png Spr 1b 005.png Spr 1y 005.png Spr b g1 005.png Spr 2g 005.png Spr 2s 005.png Spr 2c 005.png Except for a decent effort in Yellow, none of these are that good! And the backsprite looks absolutely nothing like Charmeleon.
Charizard Spr 1g 006.png Spr 1b 006.png Spr 1y 006.png Spr b g1 006.png Spr 2g 006.png Spr 2s 006.png Spr 2c 006.png RGB and the skeletal backsprite are terrible, but I think some of these Charizard fanboys deserve it. Yellow has just finished a meal of Venusaur Salad. Gen 2 is slightly questionable, but fine.
Squirtle Spr 1g 007.png Spr 1b 007.png Spr 1y 007.png Spr b g1 007.png Spr 2g 007.png Spr 2s 007.png Spr 2c 007.png The eyes all look wierd except for Yellow, but the backsprite in Gen I is the best of the three...
Wartortle Spr 1g 008.png Spr 1b 008.png Spr 1y 008.png Spr b g1 008.png Spr 2g 008.png Spr 2s 008.png Spr 2c 008.png RBG look a little off, but Yellow onwards looks fine. The backsprite looks a little wierd...
Blastoise Spr 1g 009.png Spr 1b 009.png Spr 1y 009.png Spr b g1 009.png Spr 2g 009.png Spr 2s 009.png Spr 2c 009.png Green is making a scary face, while Red/Blue needs to stop adding so much ranch dressing to its Venusaur Salad! The "shell" in the backsprite looks nothing like one. Yellow onwards is very good, I like the trick he's doing in Yellow!
Caterpie Spr 1g 010.png Spr 1b 010.png Spr 1y 010.png Spr b g1 010.png Spr 2g 010.png Spr 2s 010.png Spr 2c 010.png All good, except for the questionable backsprite
Metapod Spr 1g 011.png Spr 1b 011.png Spr 1y 011.png Spr b g1 011.png Spr 2g 011.png Spr 2s 011.png Spr 2c 011.png All good, but I don't see why they couldn't fix the eye in Green/Backsprite...
Butterfree Spr 1g 012.png Spr 1b 012.png Spr 1y 012.png Spr b g1 012.png Spr 2g 012.png Spr 2s 012.png Spr 2c 012.png These sprites are all pretty good, but Green looks stressed out... However, they didn't get the colour right until Gen III.
Weedle Spr 1g 013.png Spr 1b 013.png Spr 1y 013.png Spr b g1 013.png Spr 2g 013.png Spr 2s 013.png Spr 2c 013.png Someone cut off the legs of RBG, but they're all good.
Kakuna Spr 1g 014.png Spr 1b 014.png Spr 1y 014.png Spr b g1 014.png Spr 2g 014.png Spr 2s 014.png Spr 2c 014.png RBG look like the Beedrill's already come out of the cocoon, but Yellow+ is great.
Beedrill Spr 1g 015.png Spr 1b 015.png Spr 1y 015.png Spr b g1 015.png Spr 2g 015.png Spr 2s 015.png Spr 2c 015.png Green looks a little too much like a real bee, which bled a little into the backsprite, but all others are fine.
Pidgey Spr 1g 016.png Spr 1b 016.png Spr 1y 016.png Spr b g1 016.png Spr 2g 016.png Spr 2s 016.png Spr 2c 016.png RBG look too much like a generic bird, but others are all fine.
Pidgeotto Spr 1g 017.png Spr 1b 017.png Spr 1y 017.png Spr b g1 017.png Spr 2g 017.png Spr 2s 017.png Spr 2c 017.png RBG look weird, but others are OK.
Pidgeot Spr 1g 018.png Spr 1b 018.png Spr 1y 018.png Spr b g1 018.png Spr 2g 018.png Spr 2s 018.png Spr 2c 018.png Gen 1 all look wierd, while in Gold people really need to pay attention to the don't feed the birds signs...
Rattata Spr 1g 019.png Spr 1b 019.png Spr 1y 019.png Spr b g1 019.png Spr 2g 019.png Spr 2s 019.png Spr 2c 019.png All pretty good
Raticate Spr 1g 020.png Spr 1b 020.png Spr 1y 020.png Spr b g1 020.png Spr 2g 020.png Spr 2s 020.png Spr 2c 020.png All look fine, but Red/Blue's teeth are too big.
Spearow Spr 1g 021.png Spr 1b 021.png Spr 1y 021.png Spr b g1 021.png Spr 2g 021.png Spr 2s 021.png Spr 2c 021.png Most of these look like a parrot that would be on a pirate's shoulder in cartoons! Yellow is the only one that looks like Spearow.
Fearow Spr 1g 022.png Spr 1b 022.png Spr 1y 022.png Spr b g1 022.png Spr 2g 022.png Spr 2s 022.png Spr 2c 022.png The wings are wierd in RBG, but otherwise OK.
Ekans Spr 1g 023.png Spr 1b 023.png Spr 1y 023.png Spr b g1 023.png Spr 2g 023.png Spr 2s 023.png Spr 2c 023.png Green has a duck beak, while Red/Blue still don't look like Ekans. Others are fine
Arbok Spr 1g 024.png Spr 1b 024.png Spr 1y 024.png Spr b g1 024.png Spr 2g 024.png Spr 2s 024.png Spr 2c 024.png I hate Green, but all others are good. I wonder what's up with the wierd markings on the backsprite though...
Pikachu Spr 1g 025.png Spr 1b 025.png Spr 1y 025.png Spr b g1 025.png Spr 2g 025.png Spr 2s 025.png Spr 2c 025.png RBG are fat and have a wierd looking tail. Yellow is perfect (It pretty much had to be), and it was all good from there.
Raichu Spr 1g 026.png Spr 1b 026.png Spr 1y 026.png Spr b g1 026.png Spr 2g 026.png Spr 2s 026.png Spr 2c 026.png RBG have wierd faces, which transferred to the backsprite, but Yellow on are great.
Sandshrew Spr 1g 027.png Spr 1b 027.png Spr 1y 027.png Spr b g1 027.png Spr 2g 027.png Spr 2s 027.png Spr 2c 027.png None of them are that good in Gen I, but Gen II are cute.
Sandslash Spr 1g 028.png Spr 1b 028.png Spr 1y 028.png Spr b g1 028.png Spr 2g 028.png Spr 2s 028.png Spr 2c 028.png Again, RBG screws it up. Yellow is good, but Gen II starts the trend of making Sandslash badass.
Nidoran♀ Spr 1g 029.png Spr 1b 029.png Spr 1y 029.png Spr b g1 029.png Spr 2g 029.png Spr 2s 029.png Spr 2c 029.png RBG seem like pretty lazy efforts (especially the backsprite), but it's good from Yellow+
Nidorina Spr 1g 030.png Spr 1b 030.png Spr 1y 030.png Spr b g1 030.png Spr 2g 030.png Spr 2s 030.png Spr 2c 030.png All of these are terrible, but most people use the Moon Stone right away so it doesn't matter too much.
Nidoqueen Spr 1g 031.png Spr 1b 031.png Spr 1y 031.png Spr b g1 031.png Spr 2g 031.png Spr 2s 031.png Spr 2c 031.png Green and backsprite are horrifying, but the rest are great. Yellow wants a hug!
Nidoran♂ Spr 1g 032.png Spr 1b 032.png Spr 1y 032.png Spr b g1 032.png Spr 2g 032.png Spr 2s 032.png Spr 2c 032.png RBG are hideous, but the rest are OK.
Nidorino Spr 1g 033.png Spr 1b 033.png Spr 1y 033.png Spr b g1 033.png Spr 2g 033.png Spr 2s 033.png Spr 2c 033.png All are good, but the backsprite looks like a copy paste of Nidorina's with a few alterations.
Nidoking Spr 1g 034.png Spr 1b 034.png Spr 1y 034.png Spr b g1 034.png Spr 2g 034.png Spr 2s 034.png Spr 2c 034.png Green is pretty bad, though not as bad as Nidoqueen, all others are OK. The back sprite is questionable, but with how much I use it when I play Gen I, I'm used to it.
Clefairy Spr 1g 035.png Spr 1b 035.png Spr 1y 035.png Spr b g1 035.png Spr 2g 035.png Spr 2s 035.png Spr 2c 035.png All are good, but the backsprite rustles my jimmies.
Clefable Spr 1g 036.png Spr 1b 036.png Spr 1y 036.png Spr b g1 036.png Spr 2g 036.png Spr 2s 036.png Spr 2c 036.png Surprisingly, Green is the best one here! The backsprite is HUGE!
Vulpix Spr 1g 037.png Spr 1b 037.png Spr 1y 037.png Spr b g1 037.png Spr 2g 037.png Spr 2s 037.png Spr 2c 037.png RBG have the usual eye issue, but all others are cute like Vulpix usually is
Ninetales Spr 1g 038.png Spr 1b 038.png Spr 1y 038.png Spr b g1 038.png Spr 2g 038.png Spr 2s 038.png Spr 2c 038.png Apart from RBG, these are good. The backsprite looks creepy...
Jigglypuff Spr 1g 039.png Spr 1b 039.png Spr 1y 039.png Spr b g1 039.png Spr 2g 039.png Spr 2s 039.png Spr 2c 039.png RBG look like they need more sleep, but others are great.
Wigglytuff Spr 1g 040.png Spr 1b 040.png Spr 1y 040.png Spr b g1 040.png Spr 2g 040.png Spr 2s 040.png Spr 2c 040.png Green looks retarded, but the others are great.
Zubat Spr 1g 041.png Spr 1b 041.png Spr 1y 041.png Spr b g1 041.png Spr 2g 041.png Spr 2s 041.png Spr 2c 041.png Except for the horrifying one in Green, these are all good. Well, as good as Zubat can look with no eyes...
Golbat Spr 1g 042.png Spr 1b 042.png Spr 1y 042.png Spr b g1 042.png Spr 2g 042.png Spr 2s 042.png Spr 2c 042.png Gen I are all bad, especially Red/Blue which made fighting Team Rocket a nightmare. I like Gen II.
Oddish Spr 1g 043.png Spr 1b 043.png Spr 1y 043.png Spr b g1 043.png Spr 2g 043.png Spr 2s 043.png Spr 2c 043.png It's pretty hard to get Oddish wrong, but the leaves do look in need of a trim in Green.
Gloom Spr 1g 044.png Spr 1b 044.png Spr 1y 044.png Spr b g1 044.png Spr 2g 044.png Spr 2s 044.png Spr 2c 044.png The flower is wrong in Green, but otherwise fine.
Vileplume Spr 1g 045.png Spr 1b 045.png Spr 1y 045.png Spr b g1 045.png Spr 2g 045.png Spr 2s 045.png Spr 2c 045.png Green's flower looks like it was drawn by a 3 year old, while Red/Blue are attempting to imitate the Kool-aid guy. Others are all good
Paras Spr 1g 046.png Spr 1b 046.png Spr 1y 046.png Spr b g1 046.png Spr 2g 046.png Spr 2s 046.png Spr 2c 046.png Good, but Red/Blue should have just kept Green's sprite...
Parasect Spr 1g 047.png Spr 1b 047.png Spr 1y 047.png Spr b g1 047.png Spr 2g 047.png Spr 2s 047.png Spr 2c 047.png All of these are really good, even if the mushroom is a little too big in RBG.
Venonat Spr 1g 048.png Spr 1b 048.png Spr 1y 048.png Spr b g1 048.png Spr 2g 048.png Spr 2s 048.png Spr 2c 048.png All good, though RBG can do with a haircut.
Venomoth Spr 1g 049.png Spr 1b 049.png Spr 1y 049.png Spr b g1 049.png Spr 2g 049.png Spr 2s 049.png Spr 2c 049.png Damn Game Freak for screwing up my favourite Pokemon in RBG! Thankfully Yellow+ is awesome.
Diglett Spr 1g 050.png Spr 1b 050.png Spr 1y 050.png Spr b g1 050.png Spr 2g 050.png Spr 2s 050.png Spr 2c 050.png
Dugtrio Spr 1g 051.png Spr 1b 051.png Spr 1y 051.png Spr b g1 051.png Spr 2g 051.png Spr 2s 051.png Spr 2c 051.png
Meowth Spr 1g 052.png Spr 1b 052.png Spr 1y 052.png Spr b g1 052.png Spr 2g 052.png Spr 2s 052.png Spr 2c 052.png
Persian Spr 1g 053.png Spr 1b 053.png Spr 1y 053.png Spr b g1 053.png Spr 2g 053.png Spr 2s 053.png Spr 2c 053.png
Psyduck Spr 1g 054.png Spr 1b 054.png Spr 1y 054.png Spr b g1 054.png Spr 2g 054.png Spr 2s 054.png Spr 2c 054.png
Golduck Spr 1g 055.png Spr 1b 055.png Spr 1y 055.png Spr b g1 055.png Spr 2g 055.png Spr 2s 055.png Spr 2c 055.png
Mankey Spr 1g 056.png Spr 1b 056.png Spr 1y 056.png Spr b g1 056.png Spr 2g 056.png Spr 2s 056.png Spr 2c 056.png
Primeape Spr 1g 057.png Spr 1b 057.png Spr 1y 057.png Spr b g1 057.png Spr 2g 057.png Spr 2s 057.png Spr 2c 057.png
Growlithe Spr 1g 058.png Spr 1b 058.png Spr 1y 058.png Spr b g1 058.png Spr 2g 058.png Spr 2s 058.png Spr 2c 058.png
Arcanine Spr 1g 059.png Spr 1b 059.png Spr 1y 059.png Spr b g1 059.png Spr 2g 059.png Spr 2s 059.png Spr 2c 059.png
Poliwag Spr 1g 060.png Spr 1b 060.png Spr 1y 060.png Spr b g1 060.png Spr 2g 060.png Spr 2s 060.png Spr 2c 060.png
Poliwhirl Spr 1g 061.png Spr 1b 061.png Spr 1y 061.png Spr b g1 061.png Spr 2g 061.png Spr 2s 061.png Spr 2c 061.png
Poliwrath Spr 1g 062.png Spr 1b 062.png Spr 1y 062.png Spr b g1 062.png Spr 2g 062.png Spr 2s 062.png Spr 2c 062.png
Abra Spr 1g 063.png Spr 1b 063.png Spr 1y 063.png Spr b g1 063.png Spr 2g 063.png Spr 2s 063.png Spr 2c 063.png
Kadabra Spr 1g 064.png Spr 1b 064.png Spr 1y 064.png Spr b g1 064.png Spr 2g 064.png Spr 2s 064.png Spr 2c 064.png
Alakazam Spr 1g 065.png Spr 1b 065.png Spr 1y 065.png Spr b g1 065.png Spr 2g 065.png Spr 2s 065.png Spr 2c 065.png
Machop Spr 1g 066.png Spr 1b 066.png Spr 1y 066.png Spr b g1 066.png Spr 2g 066.png Spr 2s 066.png Spr 2c 066.png
Machoke Spr 1g 067.png Spr 1b 067.png Spr 1y 067.png Spr b g1 067.png Spr 2g 067.png Spr 2s 067.png Spr 2c 067.png
Machamp Spr 1g 068.png Spr 1b 068.png Spr 1y 068.png Spr b g1 068.png Spr 2g 068.png Spr 2s 068.png Spr 2c 068.png
Bellsprout Spr 1g 069.png Spr 1b 069.png Spr 1y 069.png Spr b g1 069.png Spr 2g 069.png Spr 2s 069.png Spr 2c 069.png
Weepinbell Spr 1g 070.png Spr 1b 070.png Spr 1y 070.png Spr b g1 070.png Spr 2g 070.png Spr 2s 070.png Spr 2c 070.png
Victreebel Spr 1g 071.png Spr 1b 071.png Spr 1y 071.png Spr b g1 071.png Spr 2g 071.png Spr 2s 071.png Spr 2c 071.png
Tentacool Spr 1g 072.png Spr 1b 072.png Spr 1y 072.png Spr b g1 072.png Spr 2g 072.png Spr 2s 072.png Spr 2c 072.png
Tentacruel Spr 1g 073.png Spr 1b 073.png Spr 1y 073.png Spr b g1 073.png Spr 2g 073.png Spr 2s 073.png Spr 2c 073.png
Geodude Spr 1g 074.png Spr 1b 074.png Spr 1y 074.png Spr b g1 074.png Spr 2g 074.png Spr 2s 074.png Spr 2c 074.png
Graveler Spr 1g 075.png Spr 1b 075.png Spr 1y 075.png Spr b g1 075.png Spr 2g 075.png Spr 2s 075.png Spr 2c 075.png
Golem Spr 1g 076.png Spr 1b 076.png Spr 1y 076.png Spr b g1 076.png Spr 2g 076.png Spr 2s 076.png Spr 2c 076.png
Ponyta Spr 1g 077.png Spr 1b 077.png Spr 1y 077.png Spr b g1 077.png Spr 2g 077.png Spr 2s 077.png Spr 2c 077.png
Rapidash Spr 1g 078.png Spr 1b 078.png Spr 1y 078.png Spr b g1 078.png Spr 2g 078.png Spr 2s 078.png Spr 2c 078.png
Slowpoke Spr 1g 079.png Spr 1b 079.png Spr 1y 079.png Spr b g1 079.png Spr 2g 079.png Spr 2s 079.png Spr 2c 079.png
Slowbro Spr 1g 080.png Spr 1b 080.png Spr 1y 080.png Spr b g1 080.png Spr 2g 080.png Spr 2s 080.png Spr 2c 080.png

I will do more very soon.