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The first one is Kanto; the rest are Johto.

Pokémon Green or Gold Red/Blue or Silver Yellow or Crystal Back Gold or Ruby/Sapphire Silver or Emerald Crystal or FireRed/LeafGreen Conclusion
Moltres Spr 1g 146.png Spr 1b 146.png Spr 1y 146.png Spr b g1 146.png Spr 2g 146.png Spr 2s 146.png Spr 2c 146.png Before Yellow, it looked like a prototype for Ho-Oh, which is our next subject.
Ho-Oh Spr 2g 250.png Spr 2s 250.png Spr 2c 250.png Spr b 2g 250.png Spr 3r 250.png Spr 3e 250.png Spr 3r 250.png Its colors look like those of my grandmother's quilt before Generation III.