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You can call me Rahne, or Tofu.

About Me

...Wow. I just read theat section that I wrote about 3 months ago... -sigh- I was so young when I was 12... Sooooo. I despise my username now. It's really cliche. My favorite Pokémon is not Lucario anymore. But Lucario will always be 2nd. As for 1st....I'm not sure. Right now, my main Pokémon game is Platinum, but that's only because I misplaced my Pearl for the time being. I lose things way to often....-__- I live in New England, which includes Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachuesetts, Rhode Island, Connecticutt, and Maine. Geuss which one I live in? I don't know myself. It's too small for my liking. My first game was Ruby.(Note: I would have loved to play the previous ones, I hear those are the best- but remember- I was 4 at the beggining) It's actually a pretty interesting story, so I will consume my early morning writing it.

My GameBoy SP Story.

...well, I was 8 at the time. It was my 8th birthday, actually. I got a red SP, along with a Harry Potter game. -Fast Forward to December 25th- I received numerous new games, none of them Pokémon. I wasn't that into it, just received 2 giant decks of TGC Cards from my over-loving family. I remember I had a lvl 80 holographic Camerupt card, that I dominated with. But anywho, I'm getting off topic. On the night of the 25th, I sat up playing my new Incredibles game (This was around 2003 or 2004, I can't remember...) I got extremley mad at the game, because even though I was pressing the right buttons, the cat still wouldn't fall out of the tree TT__TT. I slammed all of the buttons down at once, and that apparently broke my GameBoy -tear- Long story short, my mom brought in it to be fixed, it couldn't, I got a new one. But before that, I went to my friend's house, where she was obsessed with Pokémon at the time. Little did I know I would be pulled into the giant Pikachu vortex. I tried out her FireRed version, which she had just got. (It was I think...March 2004? I'm not good at dates...) But anyways, the first battle I had was between a Squirtle, and I Ratatta. I caught the Ratatta! Yaaaaay. That got m hooked on Pokémon for centuries to come. I went out and my mom bought Ruby for me, because...well, I don't know why I didn't get Saphirre... A few weeks or days later, I was returning from my singing lesson (I don't take those anymore though)and I was talking about my GameBoy and how it would be arriving soon. Sure enough, It arrived that night. I excitedly opened up the package, loaded the game up ect, and started my journey. I chose a boy first, and picked out a Treecko, because I watched a few of the episodes or something and I thought it was amazing. Then, I saved, and shut off the game AS it was...saving... -___- Next morning, woke up, found it was pslaaft. I was like, WHHHHHHHYYYY!!!! But then I started a new game, with a girl named Nicole (my mom's name btw) and didn't go with a Treecko, but with a Torchic. (You don't know how happy I am that I chose Torchic) My Torchic's name was Idon by the way. The next Pokémon I caught was Zigzagoon, which I named ZIGZAGOON. I actually got the hang of it pretty easily, knowing I would probally want to evolve Idon before facing Roxanne, being flattened by her numerous times. And I'm not going to bore you with the rest, so let's just say I defeated all 8 gym leaders, (Tate & Liza are so cruel T_T) had no idea that Groudon was a legend, and therefore, didn't catch him (yes I do label Legendary genders) and after a few times, I defeated the Elite Four. Because I don't know how to do the wicked awesome super mega uber fantastical tables and don't know how to insert sprites and stuff, I'll just use my memory to recall my Ruby Team. Idon my lvl 70ish Blaziken♀ Linoone who was my second strongest♂ Pelipepper(They're my favorite flying type) lvl 60ish♂ Wailord lvl 60ish♂ And then 2 other Pokémon that I switched around.

Sad Ending... I lost the game. TTTT________TTTT

About Me Continued

I got a DS soon after my 11th birthday, around August... The first game I got was Zoo Tycoon, but anyways, when Diamond and Pearl came out, I was in one of my 'Not into Pokemon' stages. But I soon got into it and bought Pearl. My starter was Piplup, which I named...Torren or something like that... I then got Staraptor, and my first Lucario which I trained for about a week to get it up to my other Pokémon levels. His name was Ares, and he was beautiful...Annnnnywayyyyssss... that game went kaplatt too. Along with my DS.