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Hey, my name is:

salamance owns all!

I bet you know that already... but i like repeating it! Anyways.... time for info about me,me and you guessed it! ME!

Name: Carlo
Alias (at school): The Bookworm
Age: 10
E-mails: [email protected]
[email protected]
Description: You might think I'm a little too young for Pokemon Fanatics, but I am SERIOUSLY addicted to those cute little monsters! You might wonder why my friends call me the "Bookworm", because I spend some of my recesses in the library and I am the best Speedreader and pronouncer not in the Class, or Hallway, but the ENTIRE SCHOOL!
Projects Involved with: Project Glitchdex
Well, email me at any of the Emails! Even ask me for some HTTP scripting. I'll give you one of "Salamance's Beginner's Guide to HTTP" If you need me to give you SBGTHTTP (Salmance's Beginner's Guide to HTTP) these are the chapters in order.
Chapter 1: What is HTTP?
Chapter 2: Basic Tags
Chapter 3: Starting with Basic Tags
Chapter 4: Forms and Buttons
Chapter 5: Advanced Tags
Chapter 6: Your First Page!
I'll give you one chapter each day, and I'm currently working other chapters. --Salamance owns all 00:32, 16 January 2009 (UTC)