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Hello peoplez! I am Rotom45 and as you can see, i luv Rotom! If you have ever heard of the Central Wiki and all the other wikis that revolve around it, i edit at the Pokemon and Sonic Wikis. Go here to see me on PW[1]. I am called Rotom45 as for here. Go here to see me on SNN (Sonic News Network) [2]. I am called Sunny the Hedgehog on there. I have a few fan-made Pokemon and some made up characters that i can give you the links to. Anyways let me tell you more about how i got into Pokemon. Well i used to always be focused on Sonic the Hedgehog. Then i got some Pokemon Cards from my friend and i started collecting them more and more. I started watching the show, collecting plastic figures, and buying plushes. Then it kinda got a little old and i focused on Sonic even more than before (yeah i was so obssessed with it that i cant forget it now). And now, just recently, my friend made up a Pokemon and me and my friends followed. Now here i am! Well the only Pokemon things i have now are the games and cards. When i got Battle Revolution, i played it for hours a day. When i finally unlocked the trainer, Tommy, i realized he had the strongest Pokemon (so far cuz i havent got everyone yet). I always used Haunter and Sandslash. I picked Rotom too, although i never got so i didnt care about him much. So one day when all of my Pokemon fainted, i had to use Rotom and i was thinking "Well this battle is over...". How wrong was i (he only actually has 2 good moves). He was my best Pokemon and now i use him in every battle. Then there was Galactic Battles. The very first episode was "Get Your Rotom Running!". It's my favorite episode now! Anyway you get the point. I love Pokemon and i love Rotom so there. Yayz i'm done explaining! TTYL peeps!

Update 9/11/09

Uh, yeah I dont edit much on here, I know it's been long. But why should I care when no one knows me here ^^. Anyway, I should be on here more often. But you'll usually see me editing the Rotom and the Porygon Z page (i'll probably only edit spelling mistakes). But until then i'm going to the Sonic Wiki. Bye.RotomLet me get the lawnmower! 20:59, 11 September 2009 (UTC)