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Hi! I live in Holland and am happy to contribute at this site. I am new here, but one thing: I love Skuntank and Stunky! :) I have along the dog (named Rusty) and the turtle (named Houdini) also three rats, but since there is no rat template, I'll just beg for one. *begs*

Currently I have Pokémon Red, (though it won't save anymore) Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Ruby, and Pokémon Diamond, which I play the most on. Currently I have three level 100'ths. (my Skuntank, Salamence and Manaphy), two shinies (Skuntank and Pachirisu) and an Shaymin. (It is not a legit one, though.) I am also on deviantART, under the same name. I adore skunks and rats.

There may be adjustements.

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