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Revolutionary Girl, also known as RG or Latonya, is a 26-year-old female. After an extended hiatus from the Pokémon fandom, she has returned as one of the moderators for the Shippers Anonymous Unite! forum at the Bulbagarden forums. She is known as one of the most vocal Eldershippers in the fandom.

Personal Section

Revolutionary Girl was born June 12, 1978 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Except for her years in college, she has not left her hometown for an extended period of time, a fact which gives her great irritation.

She attended Salem Academy, an all-female secondary school located in her hometown. She received her high school diploma in 1996.

She attended Harvard University, earning a bachelor's degree in English and American Literature and Languages in 2000. She was very active in the musical community as a member of:

  • The Harvard University Band - Prop Crew, Percussion, Cymbal Section Leader
  • The Harvard Wind Ensemble - Percussion Section Leader
  • The Harvard Percussion Ensemble - Founding Member, Treasurer
  • The Bach Society Orchestra and the Harvard University Choir - Timpanist

She also dabbled in the film (as Assistant Executive Director for the Harvard soap opera Ivory Tower and board member for Harvard-Radcliffe Television) and theater (as stage crew and pit percussionist for various shows) communities. Perhaps most importantly for this forum, she was a member of the Harvard Anime Society.

History in Fandoms

more to come

Pokemon Interests

RG's favorite Pokémon anime characters are Professor Oak and Delia Ketchum.

Her favourite Pokémon are Articuno and Rapidash.

more to come

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