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Welcome to my Sandbox, where I test things and stuff. The things don't have to be implemented though, so...yeah.

Trainers with Z-Rings, but with pictures

VSAnabel.pngVSAce Trainer M 2 SM.pngVSAce Trainer F 2 SM.png
VSAcerola.pngVSBlack Belt 2 SM.pngVSBlue SM.png
VSCollector 2 SM.pngVSColress SM.pngVSDexio.png
VSGladion 2.pngVSGrimsley SM.pngVSGuzma 2.png
VSHala.pngVSHapu.pngVSHau 3.png
VSPlumeria 2.pngVSRed.pngVSSina.png
VSTrial Guide M 2.pngVSTrial Guide F 2.pngVSVeteran M 2 SM.png
VSVeteran F 2 SM.pngVSYoungster SM.png

All Bulbapedia Staff Icons

IconBPWebmaster.png IconBPEditorialBoard.png IconBPBureaucrat.png IconBPSeniorAdministrator.png IconBPAdministrator.png IconBPJuniorAdministrator.png IconBPInactive.png
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