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My username is Raichu409CID. I am from the western United States, and I am a Mormon. In my opinion, Pokemon is one of the best things ever to come to entertainment. The problem is the need to rework the anime. It is getting stale.

Meaning of username= Raichu(because I like Raichu); 409CID(after those legendary 409 cubic inch deplacement Chevrolet V8 engines)

"four speed, dual quad, Positraction, 409!"

here is an old American song:

"He'd Have to Get Under – Get Out and Get Under (to Fix Up His Automobile)"-1913

Corus He'd have to get under—get out and get under—to fix his little machine. He was just dying to cuddle his queen. But ev'ry minute When he'd begin it, He'd have to get under—get out and get under—then he'd get back at the wheel A dozen times they'd start to hug and kiss And then the darned old engine, it would miss And then he'd have to get under—get out and get under—and fix up his automobile.

Choose The Right

"Swing low, Sweet Chariot, coming for to carry me home!"

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