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Hi, my name is Rachel Hartman, im 15, and im from Cardiff, Wales. Here in Cardiff, i've got a huge group of friends guys and girls. Im a bit of a tom-boy, i just cant stand girly girls, (no offence to any girly girls on here LOL), I eat healthily and go out jogging regularly. My hobbies, include Skateboarding, hockey and sometimes singing.

SO why am I here

Well out of however many people in Cardiff, not one of them (not even me) are brave enough to admit they like Pokémon, although im sure there are some out there. Anyway, I love the games, not so much the cartoon, but its improving. Although Misty is the only main female character that has a bit of spirit, plus shes a tom-boy too so I like her. Anyway, gone off track, I love the games, and whenever I need help with anything, I know I can come to Bulbapedia and all of the info will be right there. However, im not a free-loader, im not just gonna read all this free information and forget about the place. I wanna contribute back. Ive got a knowledge of Pokémon that spans about 9 years, so I think I can contribute a lot.

And thankyou, to the guy who welcomed me when I registered. Peace!

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