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The problem with events

I wish the events for the third generation were still legitamately accesible. Case in point, the Aurora Ticket. I have a legit Deoxys, and that's all fine and good, but what the shame is, I've seen the video's of people on Birth Island. I've heard the music, I've seen the island, and I've seen the process of running into Deoxys. That's the shame, it's all gone. All of it. Not to say "Gone", all the data for that event is programmed into the Firered, Leafgreen, Emerald game, but the tiny fragment of data that opens the programming for the event is jamming it. Because that patch of data is no longer available, the coding for the event is lost, a waste. It was perfectly good. The music, the sights, the triangle chase minigame to bring Deoxys down. All this down the drain for that little blockage of data.

I sincerely wish/hope that a future DS game will come with that data, and the old sea chart (which was never released in America), and the mystic ticket. Even the Eon ticket and the completely unreleased regi-dolls of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald could stand to be released. I have Pokédexes to finish on Third generation games too. If they could use the dual slot feature of the DS to transfer even one of each ticket/chart to a compatible GBA game, that would be a dream come true. They must be able to break into the coding to load the data to the GBA game, just look at fourth generation games. Each fourth gen game can take 6 Pokémon a day out of the boxes of GBA games and erase it from the games. How hard can it be to access the GBA games' Mystery event programming and drop off the tickets/chart.

If only something could be done to right the wrong of abolishing GBA events. They shouldn't just die off in such a wastful manner.

Current Team

Team Restructuring (perhaps less ubers)

Fast Facts

  • I have legitimately obtained the Pokérus... twice. The second time was on a random egg, which blew me away. I heard eggs could get the virus, but I could never do it on purpose, so this was a pleasant shock. It must have come with it when I picked it up from the Day-care man because I close off my Pokérus Pokémon in a special box, and the only one I have on my Soul Silver beside the egg is my Yanma which has stayed in my box since I traded it and never contacted the egg. Perhaps this fact should be added?
  • I have legitimately completed the national Pokédex up through the fourth generation.
  • I have obtained the silver medal/print for every battle facility in both the Hoenn and the Sinnoh battle frontiers. I have also obtained the colored print of the Sinnoh Battle Tower.
    • I much prefer the Hoenn over the Sinnoh/Johto Frontier.
  • I have legitimately obtained every berry.
  • I am really not looking forward to the 5th generation, except perhaps a Hoenn remake.
  • I hate hackers.
    • I hate scammers even worse.
  • I love the Masuda method and can verify its effectiveness.
  • I figured out the system to Voltorb flip. (I find it easier and more fun than the old slots)

Currently Trying to get

  • Latios with the OT "Lorenzo"
  • Always looking for more Soul Dew and Up-grades.

Battle Videos

  • 23-05957-27761 : "Funny" little cup battle involving a sketch mixup.
  • 68-64119-56284 : My first winning battle against Dahlia of the Battle Arcade.
  • 27-32190-80205 : My first winning battle against Thorton of the Battle Factory.
  • 73-98756-21225 : My first battle against Palmer, 49th battle.
  • 10-80688-78709 : And... second battle with Palmer, 49th battle.
  • 38-43201-62395 : First battle with an Eon Pokémon in the battle tower.
  • 76-46244-34029 : First bad run-in with legendaries.
  • 66-52221-97836 : Definately my coolest battle video were my Regi topples his King... slowly...
  • 58-25016-12000 : 105th battle, well what can I say, in the excitement of breaking 100 I forgot to save a video of my first 100th battle. *whoops*

Shiny Pokémon

Sandshrew -Sapphire

Bronzong -Platinum

Porygon -Platinum

Pikachu Colored Pichu event -Platinum

Lake of Rage Gyarados -Platinum

2nd Lake of Rage Gyarados -Soul Silver

Beldum -Platinum

True Story

Way back during my Sapphire game, I got it in my head to get a shiny Porygon. Nothing (except resorting to hacking) would stop me from getting this cute white and blue Pokémon. So, with a Porygon and Ditto from Firered, I set out to breed a shiny Porygon (If you're wondering how that turned out, I spent years on that, and ended up getting one (legitimatly and in virtually no time) on my Platinum game. Yay Masuda method!). So, there I was, constantly hatching Porygon over and over. One day, while I walking with a friend, I was reflecting on how hard it was to find this shiny Porygon. I was saying how boring it was to walk in the game to hatch eggs, how it wasted so much time, and how I wished you could also walk outside the game and have the steps count. Like maybe, a PEDOMETER to measure the steps you take outside the game that you could plug into the port on top of a GBA and load the steps into your game. The steps you took would then count towards hatching your eggs. Years later, and with a twist on my idea, the Pokéwalker comes out. Imagine that, a PEDOMETER that connects to your game. That's right, I predicted the Pokéwalker.