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The "Great Shuckle Experiment" is a plea to understanding how the heck Shuckle produce Berry Juice(and Rare Candy).


For this experiment, the user has acquired a copy of Pokémon Crystal, in which he captured one Shuckle(nicknamed Sheldon)and is trying to make it produce Berry Juice.

  • Level up: Seems to be the solution, but only after 16 levels; oddly, it worked right away with a second Shuckle.
  • Time: the Shuckle was kept in party for more than one hour, with the handheld turned on, to no effect.
  • Real Time: Starting on December 21st, 2008, the Shuckle is permanently in party, with a Berry attached. SHUCKIE was later added to the party on December 28th.
  • Steps: Hm... it's very hard to count steps on Gen II, you know. It doesn't seem to be it, though.

Meanwhile, a second Shuckle(male, also nicknamed Sheldon) was bred in Pokémon Diamond, and has been in the party since December 18, 2008. Still, the Oran Berry is intact. The Shuckle is currently being EV trained and still has not produced Berry Juice.

Pro-mole hopes to find conclusive proof that Shuckles can, indeed, still produce Rare Candies from Generation II and onwards.


December 21th, 2008
Sheldon was captured on Pokémon Crystal, and a Berry was attached to it. Later, he was leveled up until level 6, to no avail.
December 28th, 2008
Sheldon achieved to level 27 and produced Berry Juice. This seems to indicate there is a small chance that Berry converts into Berry Juice when the Pokémon levels up. The experiment will go on for Rare Candy, and then it will be repeated again for Berry Juice.
Acquired SHUCKIE from MANIA in Cianwood, at level 15, holding a Berry. After the first level up, the berry has turned into Berry Juice.
December 29th, 2009
One newborn Shuckle (Homey) will be kept on the Daycare with an Oran Berry and be retired periodically to check for any changes.
SHUCKIE suceeded in turning Berries into Berry Juice after the first level up twice in a row. That opens a new hypothesis...

Pokémon Involved

Crystal Version

Pokémon Name Sheldon SHUCKIE Homey
Caught/Received/Hatched December 20th, 2008, level 15 December 28th, 2008, level 15 December 29th, 2008, level 5
Berry Juice? Yes, after 12 level-ups Yes, after 1 level-up(3 times) No
Rare Candy No No No

Diamon Version

Pokémon Name Sheldon Homey
Caught/Received/Hatched December 12th, 2008, level 1 December 14th, 2008, level 1
Berry Juice? No No
Rare Candy No No

Hypothesis Corner

The production of Berry Juice is not tied to real time elapsed or steps walked with the Shuckle on party
Evidence: SHUCKIE produced Berry Juice on the first level up, much less than 20 minutes after it was received.
The process of production involves a random chance
Evidence: again, one of the Shuckles produced the Juice much quicker than the other.
It seems to be something of the order of 5%.
The process involves Happiness values
Evidence: against any odds, SHUCKIE turned Berry into Berry Juice with just one level up twice in a row. The great gap between Sheldon's processing might be caused by low Happiness(initially 70).
The process was retired from Generation IV games
Actualy, this is more just a pessimist hypothesis. We are still testing!

Thank you very much. Ani213