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User Info

Hi, I'm Pokemon Master Nick, a avid Pokemon fan from California. I've been a fan of Pokemon since it started, and I'm still a fan even though it's no longer as popular as it once was.


I primarily play the games of Pokemon and I own Pokemon Red, Yellow, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Colosseum, XD, and Emerald. I have powerful EV trained Pokemon in all of the Advance Generation ones (since no one plays the old ones anymore). I can't wait for Diamond and Pearl to come out, although they'll probably release an emerald equivalent to the two and I'll probably regret not waiting. I'm the proud owner of a legitimate Ho-oh(Colosseum), Lugia(XD), Jirachi(Bonus Disk), and Mew(Toys R' Us).


I used to really like the anime, up until the Johto Series ended. After that, the plot became more and more silly and comedy related and less story. When the new voice actors were, hired, everything went down the drain. The cartoon is a mere shadow of what it used to be. The movies have also been steadily degrading. Aside from that, I strongly support Pokeshipping, Questshipping and Contestshipping.