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User Info

Hi. I am PokémonMasterArceus. I am a Pokémon Trainer of all regions. My Team of Pokémon is: (Soulsilver)

Feraligatr 160
Lv. 73
Mewtwo 150
Mew 151
Lv. 100
Blaziken 257
Pikachu 025
Kyogre/Groudon 382383

My Pokedex was never totally filled. I am working on my Generation IV so i can get all 493. Spr 3e 255.png and Spr 3e 025.png are awesome....

Owned Games

I own LeafGreen, Pokemon Pinball, Platinum, Gold, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team, Explorers of Darkness, Pokemon TCG, SoulSilver, Emerald, and Pokemon Blue. as you can see, I love pokémon.

Other Items

my roblox accounts are Combusken11, Combusken12, Combusken13, and Zekrom13