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Still gotta catch em all....

Favorite Pokemon

1.Alakazam 2.Nosepass 3.Celebi 4.Cloyster 5.Butterfree

Still Workin' On It

I'm still working on my national dex in Diamond/Pearl. I'm having trouble with the FireRed/LeafGreen island crap (yes, I think that was stupid). Also, I will most likely never receive all of the event-only pokemon (without hacking, I don't cheat), because I don't live in or near a major city. If anyone ever wants to help that would be much appreciated.

Favorite Things About Pokemon

  • Legendaries, even though they're so hard to get.  :(
  • Pikachu, who doesn't love him/(or)her?
  • All of the different regions and how they're tying their histories together
  • The trading card game is alright
  • The loyalty of Nintendo :)