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Hello, welcome to my userpage! I am currently a Super Moderator on the Bulbagarden forums, and an editor here on Bulbapedia.

About Me

I was originally introduced to Pokémon through the anime, it was an accidental discovery when I stumbled across one of the movies on television. I knew very little about it at the time, because as a child I never really became aware of it, only rarely ever seeing it advertised or talked about. I decided to jump right in and give it a try, and surprisingly I caught on quickly and began to watch the anime, learn the names of different pokemon, and even play some games.

I started out in Generation 7, watching the Sun and Moon series, and playing Ultra Sun as my very first game.


I joined the forums on February 15, 2019. I was still quite new to everything at the time, and I barely used the forums at all for a while before returning after a couple of months. I submitted an application for staff in one of the recent drives at the time, and was accepted to join the team as a moderator. Since June 18, 2019, I have been working on the forums.

As a member of the wiki, which happened at a later time after I had become established on the forums, most of my edits are quite small and only focus on making improvements to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


If you need to get into contact with me, the following options will ensure the quickest response time.

You can also visit my sandbox page to view other usertags and information.