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User tags and other silliness

Should I?
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Don't ask about that chessboard. I am not honestly sure why I made it. "Because I could" maybe.

New user guide pages outline

Blueprint for renovating the Bulbapedia "doorway" for new users. Some is based on expansion of existing pieces. Not sure how much of it will be the same as original vision for these pieces. They abandoned it, I'm salvaging it it.

Pages for reference and ideas on style:

To-do - in works

Make sure to include details like:

  • How the Bulbapedia system works
  • The difference between Bulbapedia and other online Pokémon resources
  • How the Bulbapedia system can help people better find information, specific or non-specific
  • How the Bulbapedia system uses the support of contributors

To-do - coming soon

  • Search
    • Tips on finding the right article and the information within an article quickly
    • Note: This part doesn't need severe expansion. Bulbapedia is already fairly well adapted to people who know exactly what they're looking for. However, it should still be created, since past discussions have had people mention the search system isn't perfect and so it can sometimes take some getting used to.
  • Browse
    • Browse by category
      • Describes and links to the major categories and the articles found within
        • Emphasis on major, there's too many categories to list every last one
        • Top-level categories listed in order of perceived importance (ex: Terminology, World, Games, Anime)
        • Sub-level categories listed in outline style beneath top-level categories
        • Bring attention to all groups which may be helpful for browsing (ex: In the description of the Pokémon category, mention the subcategories of "Pokémon by ..." which may help people browse articles for Pokémon of particular groups)
      • Categories
        • Easy - are auto-generated by Bulbapedia
        • The pages themselves can be improved for browsing by adding information to the page besides a one-line description of what's in it (particularly by noting what can be found in the sub-categories)
    • Browse by overview
      • Briefly describes major subjects and links to overview pages of each
        • Best place to start for any users uncomfortable with Bulbapedia's style
        • Main overviews listed in order of perceived importance
        • Any minor overviews listed in outline style beneath the main subject they fall under
      • Overview pages
        • Most likely like the portal pages on Wikipedia
        • Best example of a good start for said overviews: Pokémon games
  • Getting started
    • Consider renaming "Contribute" or something equally more descriptive of page's point; not everyone "gets started" at Bulbapedia by becoming a contributor
    • Depending on length, consider merging existing subpages into this one and turn it into a full comprehensive guide on starting and expanding articles on Bulbapedia, or consider breaking all of this down into subsections with this page as a nagivation page for all of them
    • Do not assume the user knows wiki - start off by explaining wiki in general, then moving on into specifics about Bulbapedia itself
    • Wikicode
    • Starting an article
      • Checking to see if there is already an article for the topic
      • Naming
      • Organization of content
      • When to mark as a stub
      • Categorizing
    • Editing an existing article
      • Major edits versus minor edits
      • Expanding existing information
      • Removing unwanted information
      • Clean-up and polish
    • Other
      • User pages
      • Talk pages
      • Other personal pages
      • Patrolling recent changes
      • Dealing with vandalism
        • Little to do here, except polish
      • Bulbagarden wiki forum

Note: Having a link on Bulbapedia to a guide on another website is not the same as having a guide on Bulbapedia.

Note: Focus on the presentation of these pages. These are to help new visitors gain understanding and interest in Bulbapedia as both a resource and a project. Make it neat and put a lot of effort into the style. Be sure to make navigation bars. A few well-placed graphics would be good.

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There's probably a heck of a lot more I can add to this. Setting up base structure for now.