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Hello, I'm Pawsrent. I have made 33 edits. I started on this site awhile ago, 8/10/2009 to be exactly, and currently active. My birthday is 6/26/1998. I am currently in school. My Pokémon Platinum Version is currently broken, so I can't walk, go to routes, or use an item anymore without my game freezing. I believe that the two mystery forms of Shellos and Gastrodon were probably going to originly be Mt. Coronet forms, due to the fact that Shellos is a combination of East and West Sea, which Mt. Coronet is in the middle of, and because Gastrodon has a rocky back. I also think that Sevii Isle 8 was reworked into Navel Rock.

Articles Started

Johto Safari Zone; Date made: 8/10/2009

Articles Planned to be Made

HeartGold and SoulSilver Beta

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See, a combination of East and West Sea!
Notice the rocky back on the Gastrodon.
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