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  • Bill, Masaki
  • Lt. Surge, Matisse
  • Moon Stone, Moon Rock
  • Mythical Pokemon, Phantom Pokemon


  • Chuck, Fergus

Censorship PS

  • The Mt. Silver Training Chapter
  • PS133

==TCG Mew Holon Phantoms Non Holo 2007 Movie DVD Promo Darkrai DP24 Non Holo 2008 Movie DVD Netherlands/Europe? Regigigas DP40 Non Holo 2009 Movie DVD Netherlands/Europe? Celebi - Triumphant Non Holo 3/102 2011 Movie DVD Netherlands/Europe?

With the BW Movie was a Pikachu - ND inserted. Nothing special about that card as far as I know.



Pokémon Special XY postcard that was included in CoroCoro Ichiban! 2013/12