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  • Admin on the Dragon Quest Wiki. Wikia went on a power trip, so we forked. Dragon Quest games were my first love, but then Enix quit publishing them in the US in '95. Thank goodness Red/Blue came out soon after.
  • I like code.
  • I used to work at Toys R Us in the 90's.


  • I love Anchorman. "Oh I can barely lift my arm because I did so many."
  • Wes looks ridiculous with that white stripe on his face. What is he, a leper?
  • Stop the Celebi discrimination, Game Freak.


Vist my youtube channel at:

  • My goal is to post archival playthroughs which are super useful for wiki updating.
  • So far I have been doing Dragon Quest games, but Pokémon will soon make an appearance.
  • I pretty much subscribe to anyone, just ask.


Sites I visit often.