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Hi, I'm Ben. Yep.


I just joined Bulbapedia, but I'm looking forward to contributing to it. I'm a big fan of Wikis, and it was great to find one devoted t one of my favorite things, Pokémon! After using the wiki for a while, I finally decided to create an account so I could contribute. Well, that's my history so far. How lengthy.


I've been a Pokémon fan ever since I was a little kid, when my sister got Pokémon Blue for her Gameboy Color. Back then I watched the anime, played the card game with the wrong rules and had to take turns playing my sister's game. Now I sit on my couch all day playing Pokémon Diamond. I still watch the anime pretty often, but I haven't touched a Pokémon in years.

I currently own the following Pokémon games:

Real Life


I have two parents and two older sisters. For pets I have six cats and a painted turtle.

Stuff I Like

This is some stuff I like in no particular order...