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[email protected]
[email protected]
・AIM: PokePalaceNet
・YIM: Charizard_lv100_Master
・MSN: [email protected]
・Skype: PPNSteve
・DA: PPNSteve
・On BMGf: PPNSteve
・On PokCommunity Forums: PPNSteve

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PPNSteve is a mod from the Bulbagarden forums who came here mostly to assist in updating and correcting the PokeDex entries. PPN is also a member of the Bulbacast staff and has contributed to and keeps the episode listings updated.

PPNSteve runs a number of websites, including the Nintendo focused PPNBlog, a YuGiOh! site, and a popular topsites site, and has helped many beginning webmasters with their sites. He has created and edited many designs and also offers hosting and domain name services.

Rest of profile to be updated as time permits... Check back later.