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About the significance of Nintendotheatre

About himself

Nintendotheatre is age 16 and lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. He is currently in High School and is working on making money for a trip to Europe next year. Nintendotheatre originally started on the SPP forums and started many a threads there. Slowly, he took up interest in the Japanese show and now tries to watch both the dub and the Japanese episode each week. His favorite Pokemon are Snorlax and Jigglypuff.

What Nintendotheatre does

Nintendo Theatre is a current member on both the Bulbagarden forums and the SPP forums and is currently writing a fanfiction entitled "Journey of a Lifetime" about a teenager and his Porygon, Glitchy. Nintendotheatre has also been a call-in on a few Bulbacast episodes and hopes to continue with those in the coming months.

How to reach him

You can contact NintendoTheatre on Bulbagarden or SPP through PMs. You can also contact him on Skype and AIM through the name, of course, Nintendotheatre.

NintendoTheatre's Favorite Pokemon