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My name is Patrick D., and I'm an old Pokemon enthusiast, in that I'm not sure how true the word "fan" would be. The username Nidorino dates back to early 2000's when I used screennames "Nidorino3232" and "Master Nidorino". Both are based off of a character (or the character is based on the names) I made up back then, who for all intents and purposes, is a loser. I tend to stay offline a lot, and I have no idea how to use a wiki.

Contribution to the World of Pokemon

I'm not bragging, and I can only say this with 95% confidence, but I have got to be the world's largest Nido fan, specifically towards Nidorina. If not, I've at least got an impressive resume of Nido dedication. I am also a strong supporter of imagination and creativity. With both of these factors in place, my largest contribution to Pokemon fandom on the internet is Aqua Bunny, a fan shrine for the Nido family that promotes user-based contribution and content that goes beyond the usual. My overall goal is to promote awareness of the Nido family in fun ways, hopefully so that they will obtain proper recognition and respect, but moreover, to be one of most creative single family Pokemon shrines online. Up until recently, Aqua Bunny has gone back to it's roots of an early 2001 concept, to be the most comprehensive Nido site around as well, gathering facts and trivia wherever it can be found, and articles to help set records straight.

Other contributions include the parent website, Creative Worlds, best known for all the Pokemon gifs that annoyed people in Pokemon communities around 2005-2006, fan art that's constantly stolen, and the Pokemon series "Poke Tales" that remains unreleased until a future date.

Why Are You Here? (or "No, Really. I'm Nido Crazy")

When it comes to debates about Pokemon facts or information, especially when it's merely semantic, I stay away from them, because my philosphy is "It's a cartoon, it doesn't have to make sense". Despite believing Pokemon should not be taken seriously, when it comes to Nido based information, I will step outside the restriction long enough to hopefully try to make sense of things. The Nidos are a topic of a lot of confusion, such as the older females breeding issues, and the chimeric final stages. Since I put it upon myself to provide the best information possible for this family, I do research on these topics to provide answers that make the most sense. My personal method for investigation is to employ the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, as often times, the obvious solution is right in front of your eyes, and even given to you. I've learned that digging too deep tends to cause second guessing, and then creates bizarre theories.

For the purpose of Bulbapedia, seeing as it's the most comprehensive site for Pokemon information (and typing in any Nido yields this site first), I want to be sure that people get the best information possible for this family of Pokemon. There's enough confusion out there already and I want to nip it in the bud wherever possible. So, in a nutshell, I'm only here to raise any concerns for or contribute to Nido based articles, unless for some reason I see something else feels off kilter.

Nidorino's Links

Aqua Bunny Fan Shrine for the Nido family.

Creative Worlds Old video game fan site. Will receive overhaul whens I feels like it.