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Hi, I'm Necrozma800! I'm a big Pokemon nerd and I feel like I have knowledge on all sorts of Pokemon topics. I like Bulbapedia because not only does it help me with Pokemon techniques, but I like to help out with Pokemon related things in general. That's why I'm on Wikipedia, too. If you'd like to talk there, my name there is Blacephalon.

Things about me

Well, surprisingly my favorite Pokemon is not Necrozma -like my username suggests- but Porygon-Z. I've always had a thing for the Sinnoh Pokemon -and yes I too want a remake of Sinnoh myself- and have liked all of the Pokemon there. And while I sadly haven't played any of the main series games, I do play Pokemon GO, Shuffle, and Home. I sometimes do play UnovaRPG. I've also have a literal binder full of all the unique Pokedex entries of all the different Pokemon in the world.

See ya!

Well I'll keep you updated on things! Feel free to talk with me. I'd love a good talk or argument! Necrozma800 (talk) 01:53, 24 June 2020 (UTC)