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That's me; the Mysterious Trainer... My identity remains a secret, and will forever be that way...

Mysterious Trainer
謎のトレーナー Mystery Trainer
""I've challenged every elite four there is, and I've never lost!""
There is no definitive image, as he often changes his looks.
Gender Male
Hometown Somewhere in Kanto
Region Kanto
Relatives None
Generation Generation I, Generation II, Generation III, Generation IV
Games Purple, Pink, and Puce

Real-Life Party

Pokémon Yellow

PIKACHU Lv.49 (Lightning)

SNORLAX Lv.52 (Sleepy)

MOLTRES Lv.55 (Blaze)

ZAPDOS Lv.56 (Zappy)

ARTICUNO Lv.69 (Blizzard)

MEWTWO Lv.70 (Psycho)

Pokémon Sapphire

Pokémon Pearl

SPIRITOMB Lv.100 (Fear)


TYRANITAR Lv.100 (Tyrant)

RAMPARDOS Lv.100 (Armageddon)

GROUDON Lv.100 (Terra) *

GIRATIANA Lv.100 (Shade)

  • = Shiny

Video Game

(I have written this as it would probably appear in a normal article =D ) MysteriousTrainer does have a counterpart in many ROM hacks under the guise of "MYSTERIOUS TRAINER" (Trainer class = MYSTERIOUS, Trainer name = TRAINER), except in Generation I where he appeared as only "?????". He is always the most powerful trainer in the game, always with a team consisting totally of Pokémon at Level 100, and is always found on Routes early in the game, to give those new to the game a "taste of the ultimate in Pokémon Power".

Generation I

Mysterious Trainer appeared in Pokémon Red as an extra trainer named "?????". His team consists mainly of either large, or fully evolved Pokémon.


Before Battle

"...Well, it seems you're going to be a strong trainer. I'd like to test your abilities. It will be beneficial for me as well, as I'm about to challenge the ELITE FOUR. Alright, let's begin..."

After Battle

"You were certainly more than I expected. Maybe you should take the ELITE FOUR challenge yourself..."

In Field

"Good luck with your ELITE FOUR challenge, then... Maybe we'll meet again there..."

Generation II

There has not yet been a hack for Generation II games where Mysterious Trainer is included, but there has been a planned party for him.