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『About Mumzy』Bag Rare Candy Sprite.png
Favorite Card

She loves to write, and write about things shes researched to make informative. She loves the Pokemon franchise all together. Mostly videogames and TCG. She has a Psychic/fire deck. She hopes to one day be a writer and artist for a living. She's a new at editing the wiki, admitedly, but she's working on learning wikicode.

『Writing Projects』Ani004MS.png
She's obsessed with the TCG moves and other parts of the Pokeomon TCG. This is her favorite topic to write about, she loves to help others with building decks as much as she can. She also loves all Pokemon games, and plays constantly. which is also a favorite to write about.

For suggestions on writing contact Mumzy on the Bulbagarden Forums.

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