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Here are some Double Battle strategies that I came up with. Trust me; you'll find some, a lot, or even ALL of them to be very useful! Also, feel free to modify these combinations any way you want (by this, I mean you can change anything you want when using the strategies; I don't mean you can edit this page). I only included these specific Pokémon, moves, abilities and items the way I did because it was how I originally conceived them (Note: These strategies apply to Black, White, Black 2, and White 2; a few of these strategies will look outdated because of the new features released in X and Y).

Primeape & Infernape

Have Primeape use Role Play on Infernape so it will get Iron Fist. Then, all of its moves will be powered up.

Primeape & Whiscash

Have Whiscash use Tickle on Primeape. With Defiant, the Attack-lowering part will be negated, and the White Herb will negate the Defense-lowering part.

Simisage & Mamoswine

Have Simisage use Role Play on Mamoswine so it will get Thick Fat and will no longer be weak to Fire and Ice-type moves. Also, all of its Attack moves will protect it from its weaknesses (if possible, make the type of Mamoswine's Hidden Power Flying, Psychic, Grass, or Electric to give it protection from either Water of Fighting-type moves; Sheer Cold will take care of the other one).

Blaziken & Emboar

Have Blaziken use Role Play on Emboar so it can get Reckless. Then, every one of its moves will be powered up.

Omastar & Kabutops

Whenever one of them takes a physical attack, their Speed will increase, but this will be counterpoised by the Defense decrease. Whenever that happens, use Skull Bash to negate this effect.

Seviper & Durant

Have Seviper use Gastro Acid on Durant so its Truant ability will be supressed. Durant can also use Entrainment on your opponents so that they will instead have Truant and not be able to attack consecutive turns. Seviper can also use Sludge Wave without damaging Durant since it is immune to Poison-type attacks. It also has Giga Drain to give it a defense against Ground-type attacks, and Durant's X-Scissor will also give Seviper defense from Psychic-types. Durant's Occa Berry will also limit damage from its only weakness.

Probopass & Excadrill

Have Excadrill use Sandstorm and both it and Probopass will be able to take advantage of it with Sand Force. They both also have Magnet Rise so they will become immune to Ground-type attacks, and they will both be able to use Earthquake without damaging each other.

Dugtrio & Cacturne

Have Dugtrio use Sandstorm and both it and Cacturne will have high evasiveness. They can also use Double Team to make themselves even harder to be hit.

Pachirisu & Jolteon

Both have Volt Absorb and Discharge. When one uses Discharge, the other will either gain HP or not be affected. Also, Jolteon can use Rain Dance so Thunder will never miss.

Lanturn & Blastoise

Have Blastoise use Rain Dance so that it will gain HP, all of its moves will be powered up, and Lanturn's Thunder won't miss. Also, when it uses Surf, Lanturn's HP will be restored, or it will not be affected.

Ledian & Houndoom

Both Ledian and Houndoom have Early Bird. When they get low on HP, use Rest, and instead of staying asleep two turns, they will only be sleeping for one turn. You can also take advantage of that one turn with Snore.

Mightyena & Liepard

Mightyena and Liepard both know Taunt. After using Taunt on both targets, Sucker Punch is guaranteed to work. If Taunt won't work for whatever reason, use its other Attack moves. You can also raise their attack stats even further with Moxie and Hone Claws, respectively.

Lilligant & Spinda

Both Lilligant and Spinda have Own Tempo, so they can both use Petal Dance and Thrash (respectively) without becoming confused. They can also both use Teeter Dance without confusing each other (if possible, make the type of Lilligant's Hidden Power Rock, since Rock-type moves are super-effective on everything that is super-effective against Grass, except Poison, which the Kebia Berry will accommodate for).

Omastar & Probopass

All of Omastar's moves cause Entry Hazards, so Pokemon that switch in will wish they hadn't. Also, it can use Sandstorm so that Probopass' moves will have boosted power. In case of Flying-types or Pokemon with Levitate, Probopass can use Gravity and Smack Down.

Seismitoad & Toxicroak

Both Pokemon have Poison Touch, and when they use any of their Physical moves, there's a good chance that the target will become poisoned. Then, Venoshock will be all the more effective.

Drifblim & Luvdisc

When the Flame Orb burns Drifblim, its Special Attack stat will be boosted because of Flare Boost. However, its HP will gradually decrease. This is where Luvdisc comes in; it can use Heal Pulse on Drifblim to restore its HP once it gets low. Luvdisc can also use Rain Dance to make Swift Swim kick in, as well as up its Water-type moves, make Drifblim's Weather Ball a Water-type move and twice as powerful, and make Drifblim's Thunder never miss.

Zangoose & Meganium

Have Meganium use Poison Powder on Zangoose so its Toxic Boost will kick in and its Attack stat will rise. You can also have Meganium use Heal Pulse on Zangoose to restore its HP once the poison gets its HP low (if possible, make the type of Meganium's Hidden Power Rock since Rock-type moves are super effective against everything that Grass-types are weak to, except Poison, which the Kebia Berry will accommodate for).

Victreebel & Tropius

Have Victreebel use Sunny Day so its Chlorophyll will kick in and speed it up. Also, Tropius' Harvest will kick in, and when it uses up its Persim Berry from being confused (from Outrage), it will have a pretty good chance of getting it back in the sun so it can use Outrage again without getting confused. Both their Solar Beams will be executed in one turn instead of two as well.

Hariyama & Serperior

Have Hariyama use Role Play on Serperior so it can get Contrary. Then, when it uses Close Combat, its Defense and Special Defense stats will rise rather than decrease. When it uses Superpower, its Attack and Defense stats will rise instead of fall. Also, when Serperior uses Leaf Storm, its Special Attack stat will increase instead of decrease. You can also have Hariyama use Sand Attack on Serperior so its Accuracy will rise and Leaf Storm will have a lesser chance of missing (if possible, make Serperior's Hidden Power's type Rock, since Rock-type moves are super-effective on everything that Grass-types are weak to, except Poison, which the Kebia Berry will accommodate for).

Abomasnow & Bronzong

Have Abomasnow use Role Play on Bronzong so it can get Heatproof and will be less vulnerable to Fire-type moves. Also, all of both of their moves provide them defense from what they are weak to (except for Fighting in Abomasnow's case, given its Hidden Power type is Ground). Bronzong can also use Rain Dance to weaken the power of Fire-type moves (if possible, make Bronzong's Hidden Power's type Water, Ice or Grass, to give it protection from Ground-type attacks).

Jynx & Abomasnow

Have Jynx use Role Play on Abomasnow so it can get Soundproof. Then, use Mean Look on both of your opponents so that they cannot escape the battle. Finally, the piece de resistance. Use Perish Song. Jynx and Abomasnow will be unaffected because of Soundproof, and both opponents will faint within three turns and won't be able to do anything about it. Abomasnow can also use Hail to up it and Jynx's Ice-type moves as well as make Blizzard never miss.

Charizard & Sunflora

Have Charizard use Sunny Day so that Solar Power will kick in for both of them. While their Special Attack stats will increase, they will gradually lose HP. Charizard has Leftovers to negate this, and Sunflora has Synthesis, which will restore even more HP with the sunny weather. Also, Solar Beam will only take one turn instead of two, and Charizard's Fire-type moves will be boosted.

Amoonguss & Hitmonlee

Have Amoonguss use Rage Powder so that Hitmonlee will be able to use Focus Punch without any trouble (unless one of your opponents uses an attack that hits both targets). This will probably make Amoonguss take a lot of damage, which is where Rest comes in. Its HP will be restored, and the Chesto Berry will wake it up. After using Rest again, while it is sleeping, it can use Snore. It will also gain HP when it uses Giga Drain. Hitmonlee can also use Mind Reader to make its other two moves (which don't have perfect Accuracy) guaranteed to hit on the next turn.

Slowking & Toxicroak

Have Slowking use Rain Dance so Surf will be powered up. Additionally, Toxicroak's HP will gradually be restored by the rain because of Dry Skin. This also means that when Slowking uses Surf, Toxicroak will not take damage or will have its HP restored. One more perk; Slowking doesn't become confused because of Own Tempo, so Toxicroak can use both Swagger and Flatter on Slowking to up its Attack and Special Attack stats without confusing it. Both Pokémon also have moves that will give them some defense from all of their weaknesses (given the type of Slowking's Hidden Power is Ground).

Swellow & Slowking

When Swellow's Flame Orb burns it, its Attack stat will increase because of Guts. However, its HP will gradually decrease. Slowking will be able to use Heal Pulse on Swellow to restore that lost HP. Also, Slowking's ability is Own Tempo, so Swellow can use Swagger on it to raise its Attack stat without confusing it.

Emolga & Electivire

Both Emolga and Electivire have Motor Drive, so when they use Discharge, they will increase each other's Speed stats in addition to damaging your opponents. You can also have them both use Thunder Wave to paralyze the opponents (if Discharge hasn't already) and lower their Speed. Electivire's Low Sweep will, in addition to doing damage, lower the target's Speed even more. One more thing; Emolga can use Tailwind to give it and Electivire the ultimate speed increase (along with the rest of your team, to a lesser extent). Finally, both of their Electro Balls will become super powerful because of the huge differences in Speed between them and your opponents.

Primeape & Pinsir

Make sure Primeape's Speed is higher than Pinsir's. Have Primeape use Bulk Up to rise its Attack and Defense (Defense, more importantly). Then, have Pinsir use Storm Throw on Primeape. It will not do as much damage because of Primeape's raised Defense from Bulk Up, and the guaranteed critical hit will max its Attack stat because of Anger Point. This should help you finish your opponents off quickly.

Flareon & Typhlosion

Both Flareon and Typhlosion have Flash Fire, so when they use Lava Plume, the power of their Fire-type moves will rise. Flareon can also use Sunny Day to make their Fire-type moves even more powerful. They can also both take advantage of the sunny weather by using Solar Beam in one turn rather than two.

Dodrio & Cherrim

Since Dodrio's ability is Tangled Feet, its evasiveness will rise when it becomes confused. You can use Double Team to raise its evasiveness. Then have it use Thrash, and when it finishes, it will become confused and have its evasiveness increased even more. It may hurt itself a few times from the confusion, which is where Cherrim's Heal Pulse comes in. Cherrim can also use Sunny Day to change forms, activate its Flower Gift, make Weather Ball a Fire-type move and twice as powerful, and use Solar Beam in just one turn rather than two.

Ampharos & Manectric

Ampharos has Plus and Manectric has Minus. With this combo, both their Special Attack powers will be increased. They also have moves to give them defenses from their weaknesses (more specifically, use Ice Punch and Ice Fang to even up the score against Ground-types).

Rhyperior & Mantine

Rhyperior has Lightning Rod, so it will draw in all Electric-type attacks and negate Mantine's biggest weakness (except for Electric-type moves that hit two targets). However, there is still the matter of Rock-type moves. That is why Mantine has a Charti Berry; to weaken damage from Rock-type moves. In addition to this, Rhyperior can use Surf without damaging Mantine, since its ability is Water Absorb. One more perk; Rhyperior can also use Earthquake without damaging Mantine, since Flying-types are immune to Ground-type attacks.

Raichu & Azumarill

Raichu's ability is Lightning Rod, so it will draw in all Electric-type attacks (except ones that hit two targets). Also, Azumarill's ability is Sap Sipper, which raises its Attack stat when hit by Grass-type attacks and gives it immunity from Grass-type attacks. Both of these aspects negate all of Azumarill's weaknesses. You can also have Raichu use Grass Knot on Azumarill to raise its Attack stat.

Lucario & Whimsicott

Lucario has Justified, so its Attack power will increase when hit by a Dark-type move. I might know what you're thinking; "why would anyone go after a Pokemon who's doubly resistant to Dark-type moves with a Dark-type move?" Well, that's what Whimsicott is for. Whimsicott doesn't have very good Attack power, so it can use Knock Off, a weak attack, on Lucario to up its Attack, and all you have to pay is a minimal amount of damage.

Magnezone & Sudowoodo

Have Sudowoodo use Role Play on Magnezone so it can get Analytic. Then, the power of Sudowoodo's moves will be boosted when it moves last. If it keeps using Hammer Arm, its Speed will continue to decrease and will gain power once Sudowoodo becomes slower than the target. It can also use Curse to raise its Attack and Defense but lower its Speed to up its Attack power a whole lot. One more thing about Sudowoodo, it can use Rock Tomb not only on your opponents, but also on Magnezone to lower its Speed. It won't take a lot of damage since Steel-types are resistant to Rock-type attacks. Now on to Magnezone, it has an Iron Ball so its Speed will be lowered and Gyro Ball will be really powerful with the Speed decrease.

Gardevoir & Slowbro

Gardevoir has Telepathy, so none of Slowbro's moves will damage it. Also, Gardevoir can use Calm Mind to raise its Special Attack and Special Defense, as well as use Charge Beam, which has a really good chance of raising its Special Attack even more. Once it has many stat increases, Stored Power will become really powerful. Also, Gardevoir can use Swagger on Slowbro to raise its Attack power without confusing it, since its ability is Own Tempo. However, this will probably make Surf start to lag behind in power when compared to the boosted power of Bulldoze and Earthquake, which is what Calm Mind is for. It will boost its Special Attack to increase Surf's power, in addition to raising its Special Defense.

Persian & Houndoom

Persian and Houndoom both have Unnerve, so your opponents will not be able to eat berries. If their held items are not berries, Persian has Knock Off and Thief. You may be wondering why Houndoom has Mimic. Well, it cannot learn Knock Off, so once Persian uses Knock Off, you can have Houndoom use Mimic on Persian so it can temporarily get Knock Off.

Crawdaunt & Abomasnow

Have Abomasnow use Role Play on Crawdaunt so it can get Adaptability. Then, it will be as if all of it and Crawdaunt's moves are super-effective on whoever your opponent is (except for Pokemon who are resistant or immune to the types of moves they use). Abomasnow also has an Occa Berry to give it some defense against Fire-type moves.

Golduck & Archeops

Archeops' ability is Defeatist, which will lower its Attack when its HP drops to half. This isn't a good thing, so Golduck can use Worry Seed on it to change its ability to Insomnia and protect it from falling asleep, which is a better ability to have than Defeatist. Golduck can then get this ability from Archeops by using Role Play on it. Finally, all of Golduck and Archeops' moves will give them some defense from their weaknesses.

Haxorus & Luxray

Haxorus and Luxray both have Rivalry. So, when against Pokemon of the same gender, their Attack power will increase. You can also raise their Attack stats even further with Swords Dance and Howl, as well as give them some defense against their weaknesses with Iron Tail and Ice Fang. However, when against Pokemon of different genders, their Attack power will decrease. This is what Attract is for; you can make them less of a worry by infatuating them and lowering their chances of using moves (I would recommend making Luxray and Haxorus' genders different; that way you won't have to worry about not being able to do anything about both of your opponents' genders differing from both Luxray and Haxorus).

Milotic & Sableye

Have Sableye use Role Play on Milotic so it can get Marvel Scale. Then, when the Flame Orb burns it, its Defense stat will increase. You can then have Sableye use Will-O-Wisp on Milotic to burn it so its Defense will rise as well. Since they will both be gradually taking damage, Milotic has Recover and Aqua Ring, while Sableye has Recover (I wouldn't recommend teaching either of these Pokemon Attack-moves, since being burned lowers a Pokemon's Attack stat).

Relicanth & Blaziken

Have Blaziken use Role Play on Relicanth so it can get Rock Head. Then, all of its and Relicanth's moves (except for Waterfall) will do damage to your opponents without causing them recoil damage.

Hitmontop & Ambipom

Hitmontop and Ambipom both have Technician, which ups the power of moves with a base power of 60 or lower. With this in effect, all of both of their moves will be powered up.

Cinccino & Simisage

Have Simisage use Role Play on Cinccino so it can get Skill Link. Then, all of Cinccino's and 2 of Simisage's moves will always hit the maximum five times. Simisage's Rock Slide will also protect it from 4 of its 5 weaknesses, and the Kebia Berry will weaken the damage it takes from the 5th weakness (Poison).

Eelektross & Slaking

Slaking is a powerful Pokemon, but its Truant ability hinders this. However, this is what Eelektross is for; have it use Gastro Acid on Slaking to negate its ability. Additionally, Slaking can use Earthquake without damaging Eelektross since its ability is Levitate, and Slaking can use Aerial Ace against Fighting-types, its only weakness.

Absol & Primeape

Have Primeape use Role Play on Absol so it can get Super Luck. Since all of both of their Attack-moves have high critical hit ratios, Super Luck will increase that even further, so Primeape and Absol will both be super-likely to get critical hits.

Ferrothorn & Cofagrigus

Have Cofagrigus use Role Play on Ferrothorn so it can get Iron Barbs. Then, whenever your opponents make physical contact with it or Ferrothorn, they will take damage right back. Also, Ferrothorn's Rocky Helmet will increase the effect of this.

Aggron & Mr. Mime

This team is all about causing status ailments. Aggron and Mr. Mime can both use Attract to infatuate your opponents. Aggron can paralyze an opponent with Thunder Wave, and then take advantage of it by using Smelling Salts and doubling its power (and also getting rid of the paralysis, however). Also, with its Rock Head ability, Head Smash can cause your opponents a lot of damage without making Aggron take recoil damage. Mr. Mime can use Hypnosis to put the target to sleep, and then use Wake-Up Slap with doubled power (also waking the target up, however).

Cradily & Azumarill

Cradily has Storm Drain, so when Azumarill uses Surf, Cradily will not take damage and will also have its Special Attack power increased. Also, Cradily can use its Grass-type attacks not only on your opponents, but also on Azumarill to raise its Attack power since its ability is Sap Sipper.

Breloom & Clefable

Have Clefable use Role Play on Breloom so it can get Poison Heal. Then, have Breloom use Toxic on it so it can gain HP at the end of every turn. Breloom will also be poisoned by its Toxic Orb. They can both also use Facade, which has increased power when the user is afflicted with a major status ailment. I recommend making Clefable's Speed higher than Breloom's.

Ninetales & Weezing