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Hi! I'm Matthieu,. I can easily say that my favourite RPG is indeed Pokémon, and I first became a fan when the Anime was released, and I've been following the entire Franchise since.

Fun Story Time!? Why yes, I think so.

When I was younger, My neighbour Joseph got me hooked on the whole PokéWorld and what not. We were both around four or five years of age, and Joe would visit my house and we would just watch Pokémon re-runs all day while drawing our favourite Pokémon characters. We even had a glass-framed Pokémon Wall-Thing that had all original 150 Pokémon on it, so we knew how to draw them. :3

A simpler time, a better time. I do truly miss it.

Oh, and Bee Tee Dubz, I am of thee Female species. Just to clear up the name confusion. [;