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Faunus Town

Pokémon and Humans Together
Location info
Region [[Quarkus]]
Connecting routes Route 301 (South)
Route 302 (East)
Location of Faunus Town in [[Quarkus]].
Cities and Towns

Faunus Town is a large town in the south-west of Quarkus, located on the banks of a small river, the River Nuclei. Nearby is a Pokémon Ranch.

Places of Interest

Pokémon Ranch

The Pokémon Ranch is owned by Jenny McGuire, a Pokémon breeder. When you first visit, however, Jenny asks you to find her missing Igglybuff, which she received from her grandmother in the Orange Archipelago.


The population of Faunus town is 19, making it small by Quarkus standards.